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Be brave: six ways to embrace the digital revolution


Be brave: six ways to embrace the digital revolution

Published 6 October 2022 in Magazine • 8 min read

COVID-19 has speeded up technological change, but more needs to be done, writes Angelika Gifford, Vice President, EMEA, at Meta. Here she offers expert guidance on how to embrace the metaverse to enhance the success of your business and contribute to the good of society as a whole.

During a brief period in 2020, business and its relationship with digital technology changed forever. The pandemic took digital tools, which for many companies had been a “nice to have”, and turned them into a core necessity.  

In the months and years that followed, embracing these tools has often marked the difference between corporate success and failure.  

But with the digital revolution now firmly established as a “must have”, how should companies be implementing it? And what role should leaders play in driving it? Having dedicated my career to digital transformation, I believe that there are six tenets that companies and their leaders need to adopt as they venture deeper into the digital decade – the title of a recent book I have written on the subject.     

But what exactly is digital transformation? 

It is all about companies leveraging enhanced technology to improve their business capabilities, operational efficiencies and ultimately, their customers’…

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