Thomas G. Bata

Chairman Bata Shoe Company

Thomas G Bata is Chairman of the Bata Shoe Company. The business was founded in 1894 and was one of the first world-wide businesses already operating in some 30 countries in the late thirties. At that time it had an almost missionary objective to provide footwear for the millions without shoes.

Today, it serves over one million customers daily in over 70 countries. It sells through 4500 stores and many thousands of dealers. The shoes are produced in its 40 own factories as well as by a large number of selected suppliers. The approach permits a unique sensitivity to the local market tastes while being able to offer the best in design and technology.

Thomas Bata was born in Zurich but spent most of his life in England, Canada and the USA for his studies and later professional life.

His return to Switzerland happened as a result of a one year project at IMD, Lausanne, to help develop their center of family business.

During that time he developed a plan to revitalize the family owned Bata business which provoked a change of control from one generation to another. The Bata Group’s center for Human Resources, Brand Development and Finance is now located in Lausanne.

The company as well as family members are involved with several activities that have developed from their international experience including the Bata Children’s Program, The Bata Shoe Museum and recently an annual chair on Responsible Capitalism with the Tomas Bata University (Czech Republic ) and Schulich Business School ( Toronto).