Judy Green

President of the Family Firm Institute (FFI)

Judy Green, Ph.D., is president of the Family Firm Institute (FFI), an international association of individuals and organizations who advise and study family enterprise.  A frequent commentator in the field, she was the technical editor of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Successful Family Business. Her article “Four Aesthetic Models for Relevant Research in the Field of Family Enterprise” appeared in Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise (Emerald Books, August  2010) and she is a co-author of  ”The Effects of Goal Orientation and Client Feedback on the Adaptive Behaviors of Family Enterprise Advisors” (Family Business Review, September 2013).   A recipient of the FFI  Barbara Hollander Award, Judy holds a Ph.D. in aesthetics and education from Marquette University as well as a CSS certificate from Harvard University.