Fabian Bonnier

CTO of SF Anytime

Fabian is a 7th generation member of the Bonnier family. After graduating from The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm he started his career outside of the family company.

He co-founded the Internet advertising company VideoPlaza in 2007. After a year Fabian moved away from the start-up environment to work for the global telecom company Ericsson. During the 3 years within Ericsson Fabian worked as a sales manager in Sweden, Argentina and Italy.

Early 2011 Fabian left Ericsson and entered into the daily operation of the family businesses as a business developer at SF Consumer Entertainment (film distributor and chain of cinema theaters in the Nordics). Today Fabian holds the position as CTO for SF Anytime, the Video On Demand initiative from SF Consumer Entertainment (a service that digitally stream movies over the Internet in the Nordics as well as the Baltics).

Besides the daily work within the Bonnier group Fabian is active as a board member for the Swedish Family Business Network. He is also an active member within the Bonnier Family Foundation.

Fabian lives in Stockholm with his wife Johanna.