Ayala Corporation

Founded 1834
Manila, Philippines

The origins of Ayala Corporation – a rich legacy of pioneering

The Ayala story began 180 years ago, in 1834, with the founding of the Philippines’ first commercial house. This was a partnership between two courageous Spaniards, Domingo Roxas, who came from an early colonial family, and Antonio de Ayala, whose uncle Don Juan Valentin de Ayala had arrived in the Philippines on the galleon Fernando de Magallanes in 1795. Jacobo Zobel y Zangroniz, the son of a German pharmacist from Hamburg who had settled in Manila in 1827, later married Antonio de Ayala’s daughter, Trinidad, marking the beginnings of the Zobel de Ayala family. The founders established the first Filipino conglomerate by investing in a number of businesses ranging from trading sugar, coffee, cotton and indigo to distilling liquor, as well as producing castings and gunpowder. The company was also involved in a number of mining concessions.