Roca Corporacion Empresarial

Founded 1917
Barcelona, Spain

In 1917 Roca was founded by siblings Matías, Martí, Josep and Ángela Roca. Today the Group has over 22,000 employees worldwide and revenues of about USD 2.6 billion. The company is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain and is a world leader in the production and distribution of bathroom products.

Roca operates according to an exemplary family and corporate governance model. The result is a close and mutually trusting collaboration between the family – dominated board and non-family members of management. A number of special activities help preserve family commitment and cohesion: a family forum serving as a link between the family and the business, regular shareholder meetings and factory visits.

The company is entirely owned by the Roca family. 100 family members hold shares and all adhere to a clear set of values of: commitment to the business and its stakeholders, company before the individual, excellence, and preserving and growing the company for the next generation of the family and other stakeholders. The company’s actions are guided by deeply founded Roca family beliefs and values which today have led the company to invest in environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes, such as its Zero Residual Waste program in all Roca factories worldwide.

Roca dedicates 90% of annual pre-tax profits to projects aimed at saving water, developing new technologies, discovering better ways of doing things and expanding into new markets.

The company is committed to Design, it has been awarded with the “Design Management Europe” prize in 2008; Innovation, ongoing research for conceptual solutions; Wellness, satisfying the social needs of consumers of different cultures and societies and Sustainability, i.e. the Zero Residual Waste project in all Roca factories worldwide and the ongoing investment in sustainable solutions. The family has a reason to be proud of its nearly century-old tradition and entrepreneurial spirit which still today inspires the company.