Yazaki Corporation

Founded 1929
Tokyo, Japan

Yazaki Corporation, is a worldwide manufacturer of a wide range of automotive related products and environmental systems, with emphasis on energy-related equipment. It is a key player in the automotive industry, and with 30% global market-share, is proud to be the world’s largest producer of wire harnesses. It is a multinational, multicultural entity with 169 subsidiaries and offices in 39 different countries.

Yazaki Corporation is a purely private and family-operated business. The Founder started the business in 1929. He was succeeded by his eldest son, Yasuhiko Yazaki, who took over the responsibility of heading the business at the age of 33, helped by his brother, Shinji Yazaki. For the past 30 years the two – who are now respectively Chairman and President – have led the company into the growth that made it number one in its field.

Yazaki Corporation distinguished itself by its success in blending family and business interests and its responsibility to society and the environment. This was demonstrated by the company’s research and development approach – which seeks out society’s needs and develops the best products to meet them – and the company’s strong corporate culture of responsibility for the happiness and development of its employees.

Yazaki has an employee shareholding program, runs a summer camp for employees’ children, runs the renowned Adventure School for prospective employees and has a rehiring program for retired employees. The business is operated according to the family’s principles of fortitude, service-mindedness and foresight.