The Samuel C. Johnson Family Enterprises

Founded 1886
Racine, Wisconsin, USA

The SC Johnson Family Enterprises are known to the world over for market leadership in consumer – packaged goods, institutional cleaning products and services, recreational products and financial services industries. Today, the SC Johnson Family Enterprises are owned and managed by the 4th and 5th generations.Samuel Curtis Johnson (1833-1919), the original entrepreneur, sold parquet floors in his early working years. Then in 1886 he acquired a parquet flooring business where, recognizing people’s need to treat wooden floors, Johnson developed a floor wax that he mixed in a bathtub.

Under Sam Johnson’s (1928-2004) leadership, within just a few brief decades, the Johnson business went from a small wax company to four major global enterprises that include household goods, innovative commercial products and services, environmentally responsible polymers, diverse financial services and some of the most recognized brands in the recreational industry.