Build your capacity as a strategic leader with a business analysis course from IMD

Build your capacity as a strategic leader with a business analysis course from IMD

A business analysis course can give you the edge you need to best address your business challenges and become a truly visionary leader. By learning how to confidently and objectively assess situations and respond strategically, you’ll help ensure your organization stays ahead in an unpredictable business environment. A look at one course, IMD’s Talent Acceleration Program, will help show just how you can get a lasting boost to your performance with a quality business analysis course.

Ranked first in open programs worldwide (Financial Times, 2020), IMD business school has long been considered one of the top business schools in the world. Behind that reputation is a 100% focus on executive education that ensures that our corporate executive training is innovative, effective and perfectly on-target for the managers it’s designed for. Building on Talent is no exception.

The program is a business analysis course built expressly for leaders at the business unit, function, division, country or region level, who are moving into significant positions or encountering a specific business challenge. Through a program framework that takes you from analysis to ambition to action, you learn how to enhance your personal impact and meet your challenges.

Here’s the kicker...

Business Analysis CourseThe course helps you gain a new, wider, more interconnected view of your business and the world in which it operates, and provides knowledge toolkits to help you analyze your own challenge. From this perspective, you better understand your company’s long-term objective and the best business development strategy to achieve it. With accurate, whole-picture analysis, you have the basis to develop strategic responses. The program also helps you to become an effective and operational leader - able to execute your strategy, assemble strong, committed teams and build an organization capable of sustaining success.

Business Analysis CourseBusiness analysis courses like Building on Talent can be even more effective as a team venture. Many organizations have used the program as a launch pad for an organizational change or strategic project. Talk about getting everybody on the same page! Managers from different units or regions of your organization will develop a common approach, a common language and build on this shared approach for a cohesive business development strategy.

The bottom line

Business Analysis CourseThrough Building on Talent, your way becomes clearer. You gain sharper analytical and leadership skills to meet critical business challenges with the right strategies. You improve performance at individual, team and business-unit levels to drive sustainable business results. You have what it takes to play a key role in keeping your organization ahead in a constantly changing business environment. These are the kinds of outcomes that past participants have seen... and they’re exactly the kind of real, specific outcomes you should expect from a quality business analysis course.


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