Mathias Thoenig

Mathias Thoenig

Professor Mathias Thoenig is Distinguished Research Scholar at IMD. Mathias serves as Professor of Economics at the School of Business and Economics (HEC) at the University of Lausanne, a CEPR Research Fellow in the international trade and macro programs and an elected Council Member of the European Economic Association.

Mathias has published extensively in academic journals, including American Economic Review, Econometrica, Harvard Business Review, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Review of Economic Studies. He has served on the editorial boards of Journal of European Economic Association and International Economics.

Mathias’s research lies at the intersection of international economics and political economy of development. In a series of influential papers, he studies the relationship between international trade and armed conflicts and how the global architecture of trade agreements is shaped by conflict risk. He has also analyzed the conditions under which trade can build and cement trust, or its opposite, foster conflict. His current research agenda focuses on democratization, violence-induced migration and post-conflict reconciliation. He uses cutting-edge quantitative analysis to form policy-relevant predictions for conflict containment. Many questions addressed in his papers are particularly high on the policy agendas of international agencies and NGOs that pursue the joint objectives of peace and development.

Mathias was nominated for the award of ‘best young economist’ in France, a prestigious prize created by ‘Le Monde’ and supported by the French senate. He is the recipient of a highly competitive research grant from the European Research Council (ERC grant) for his work on the role of distrust and grievances in ethnic conflicts. Mathias is a regular academic consultant to the World Bank and other development agencies. He is a passionate and award-winning teacher, a dedicated provider of public goods and a fervent mentor of junior colleagues.

Mathias received his Ph.D. in economics from University Paris Sorbonne and his Bachelor of Engineering from Ecole Polytechnique (France). He has held visiting appointments at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, International Monetary Fund, SciencesPo Paris, University of British Columbia and University Pompeu Fabra. 

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