Term Research Professor Karsten Jonsen

International Management, Organizational Behaviour, Research Methodology, Cosmopolitanism


Sadly, Dr. Karsten Jonsen passed away on November 16th 2018 after a courageous fight with illness.

He had been with IMD since 2002. His research interests and publications included cross-cultural management, workforce diversity & inclusion, team performance, virtual teams, organizational values, cosmopolitanism, career mobility as well as research methodology. His most recent work on research methodology and cosmopolitanism was published in Organizational Research Methods, International Studies of Management & Organization, and Journal of Management.

Dr. Jonsen was the winner of the coveted Carolyn Dexter award for best international paper at the Academy of Management (2010) and had won a high number of highly regarded academic research awards throughout his tenure as a part of IMD’s research community. Dr. Jonsen had served as an advisor to large corporations in his fields of research since 2006.

Karsten was a Danish national, established in Switzerland since 1997. Prior to his academic career, Dr. Jonsen was a European manager in the IT industry. He held a PhD in social sciences from the University of Geneva, a M.Sc. in economics from CBS, Copenhagen, and an MBA from ESCP in Paris.


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