The First 90 Days - make your transition a success

Your learning journey consists of pre-program, program and post-program elements that you can arrange over 2-3 months. And you’ll spend only 2 days out of the office. Typical transition challenges include:

  • On boarding into a new organization or new unit
  • Promotion to a more senior level
  • Role of greater complexity
  • Geographic move
  • A combination of these


On registering, you gain immediate access to The First 90 Days resource portal and its e-learning launch resources. This includes introductory videos providing an outline of the journey ahead.

Two weeks before the program starts, an online launch with program director Michael Watkins gives you a more detailed overview of the program and The First 90 Days Transition Roadmap® framework. This will orient you, regarding your pre-program case studies and reading assignments.



Over the 2 days, you explore in depth The First 90 Days Transition Roadmap® framework and toolkit and apply it. By analyzing your transition challenges and defining your goals (for you, your teams and your organization), you design a plan for your next 90 days and identify ways to deliver results immediately. This learning journey is highly interactive, offering you case discussions, assessment exercises, and peer coaching.


For 3 months after the program, you can visit The First 90 Days resource portal to review its videos and articles, plus share questions and ideas with other program alumni. The program director will also host a 60-minute webinar which will help you reinforce the key concepts you’ve learned, assess progress and adjust your approach if necessary.