Jean-Marc Lévy


Director, DAY Medical SA,
Board Member, Domo-Safety SA and EPFL Inno Park
Former Group Marketing Director at British American Tobacco


Jean-Marc was Group Marketing Director of British American Tobacco for 6 years until end 2014. He led the global sales and marketing function of the Group, spanning across 180 countries with a total headcount of 23’000. He played the front role in defining and executing the marketing strategy for the Group globally; this encompasses major shifts in the consumer perception of tobacco products, a new definition of the nature of brands in the digital age, a fully revised approach to consumer insights and the advent of next generation tobacco products such as electronic cigarettes.

Jean-Marc’s career at BAT spanned 18 years across various general management jobs and geographies, including the UK, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, as well as Central and Western Europe, and Global Duty Free.

Prior to this, Jean-Marc worked for 6 years for the Jacobs-Suchard Group, based in Neuchatel and then Zurich; he was in charge of the confectionery for the Swiss market as marketing director and driving known confectionery brands such as Suchard, Milka, Toblerone and coffee brands such as Carte Noire and Mastro Lorenzo.

He is now back living in Switzerland with his family and is active at IMD and in various ventures linked to the food and beverage businesses, as well as acting as Executive Director at DAY Medical SA in Avenches. Jean-Marc holds a master degree in Economics from the University of Fribourg.