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Personalized Executive Coaching (PEC) is a fully customizable coaching offer effective for executives at every stage of their career.


IMD coaching is tailored to your specific needs and availability. Your coach can work with you face to face at any location as well as virtually.


This is a fully customized arrangement tailored to meet your personal availability and requirements. Coaching is usually most effective when regular and focused. The agreed scheme would need to be a package for a minimum of three sessions up to a year of regular interaction.


This is dependent on the requirements and content that you create with your chosen coach.

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Personalized Executive Coaching (PEC) is effective for all levels of executives, leaders, managers and partners from any business sector and any discipline.

Working with an executive coach has enhanced my ability to truly focus on my most crucial strategic priorities, and to make fast progress on them. Luis Cantarell President & CEO, NHS
EVP, Nestlé Nutrition
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It is about being the best you can be

Personalized one-to-one coaching is an established and dynamic method of interaction that focuses on recognizing and building on your passions, your talents and your potential. Your world class IMD coach will challenge, support and encourage you to embark on a journey of discovery and positive change to maximize your performance. Your coach will help you to focus on what you aspire to be and achieve, and then help you determine how to get there - encouraging you to make well formed action-based decisions along the way.

What is so different about coaching?

  • I choose an IMD coach to best match my personality, my needs and experience. Our meetings are confidential.
  • It is all about me. The coach follows my agenda, pays attention to my specific needs and asks questions that help me to become more aware of my situation and the options I have.
  • My coach encourages feedback so I gain greater understanding of myself and others.
  • Coaching gives me the opportunity to be creative and develop ideas.
  • I am able to explore and establish realistic personal goals that I can achieve.
  • I am in charge and I make the decisions. With the coach's help, I am able to come up with more effective decisions and plans.
  • A series of sessions with my coach helps me continually evaluate my performance against the goals I set myself.
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Simply tell us who you are and what you are hoping to achieve through working with an IMD coach. IMD has a large pool of world class coaches who are regularly engaged with participants on many IMD programs. Maybe you may already have a coach in mind. If not we will propose an initial selection of two or three IMD coaches who best match your profile and expectations from coaching. You are in control and you make the choice. Your selected IMD coach will work with you to develop a program for a number of sessions over an agreed period of time. This may include:

  • A blend of face to face sessions as well as virtual sessions
  • Questionnaires and psychometric tests
  • Collecting feedback
  • Developing well-formed goals and action plans

Personalized Executive Coaching

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