The infinite learning loop of a future-ready organization

Discovery event exclusive for NEXUS partners
When 4 September 2023
Where Lausanne

This F2F event occurs on September 4th, starting at 17.00 CET (registration + dinner) and on September 5th, 09.00-15.00 CET

The infinite learning loop of a future-ready organization | 4 & 5 September

The infinite learning loop of a future-ready organization

All seasoned managers understand how crucial it is for their organization to become future-ready. However, very few businesses manage to stay in this state for an extended period of time, the reason being that future-readiness is always a work in progress. Depending on the company’s operating environment, leaders need to constantly scale new capabilities ahead of others. Prioritization is key.

This stream will be orchestrated by two professors: Mark Greeven, Professor of Innovation & Strategy and the IMD China Initiative CEO, and Howard Yu, LEGO® chair Professor of Management and Innovation, who leads the school’s Center for Future Readiness. Individually and collaboratively, they have been researching how organizations simultaneously improve their current performance and enhance future readiness.

Who is this event for

To lead in a multi-polar world, you must explore globally for inspiration. The economic uncertainties are very real. This stream will feature cases from the East to the West, innovative companies of all sorts. We want to understand how future-ready organizations navigate despite the pressure to perform and deliver. Expect to walk away with an action plan and commitments. Are you ready to leverage your internal and external ecosystems for the better? The future is in your hands.