Executive MBA Company sponsorship

The Executive MBA program requires a serious commitment both from you and from your sponsoring organization. Sponsorship implies your organization will provide:

  • Commitment of key stakeholders within the organization including top management to provide time and support for the company-related assignments carried out by the EMBA candidate
  • Access to information relevant for the company-related assignments
  • A total of nine weeks' time away from the office during the on-campus modules and discovery expeditions
  • 12 to 15 hours a week for the EMBA candidate to work on distance learning assignments (can be managed between professional and personal time)
  • Full or partial financial support for tuition fees, travel expenses and compensation during time away from the office (optional)

Why is company sponsorship mandatory?

The Executive MBA is practice-oriented. The learning comes from the discussions and experiences you have while at IMD, combined with your application of the tools and strategies we discuss in the program in your own organization between modules. You'll have several distance-learning assignments, each one assessing or evaluating some aspect of your company or your industry and determining how best to go forward. The interaction between the classroom and the real world will yield big benefits.

Your company will be the laboratory where you investigate further the possibilities we uncover while you're at IMD. It is, therefore, essential that you are working and that your company is behind your Executive MBA participation. The mastery stage of the program is structured as a series of six “out of the office” modules, with significant time back at the office between each. It's clear you'll be working while you complete the program, and company support will be vital as you balance heavy academic and career loads. You'll need to be free of job responsibilities during the “out of the office” portions of the program, and you'll need the support of your company for the assignments you're undertaking on its behalf.

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