How do we define social innovation? 

Social Innovation creates new solutions (products, services, markets, models, processes) to the benefit of global society by addressing social and environmental needs more efficiently and effectively than current policies and businesses. It is a process through which  methods and tools are improved, developed and applied based on collaboration between people, organizations and technology to optimize impact.

In the context of the Center, we define;

elea Center for Social Innovation

What are our values?

The understanding of social innovation at the elea IMD Center is grounded in a specific framework of ethics and values, including a belief in:

Ethical Framework

elea Center for Social Innovation inspires and encourages leaders in business, government and civil society to create social innovation in their respective areas of responsibility.


In a world of change, social innovation is becoming strategic for all players.

Companies, government and NGOs need to rethink their operating systems and Social Innovation is becoming key for those who want to reinvent their purpose, revisit their innovation processes, develop their talents or access to new markets, and obviously create positive and long-lasting change.

In that regard History will show that social innovation is equally important as technical or digital innovation.

Arnaud Mourot

VP - Strategic Corporate Alliances


Multinational companies are increasingly embracing social innovation strategies and approaches to secure their future customer base, strengthen their supply chains, and attract and retain the best talent. Social entrepreneurs, for their part, have much to offer traditional companies: market intelligence on low-income and underserved market segments, expertise in building and sustaining "last mile" business models,  and blending purpose and profit. Bringing curated groups of corporate executives and vetted social entrepreneurs together in a structured setting to exchange experiences and explore collaborations can be transformative

Katherine Milligan

Director and Head of Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship