Get customizable certification in digital business transformation

The Digital Excellence Diploma is a series of programs, which enables you to rapidly upscale your skills in all areas of digital transformation. Each program is designed to fit together, which means you can build your own fully integrated, customized learning journey. 

To receive the Digital Excellence Diploma, you need to complete 15 days of programs and pass an exam.

Be recognized for your digital expertise

Whether you are already leading transformation or exploring work opportunities with more digital responsibilities, the diploma will quickly equip you with confidence, inspiration and extensive new digital skills.

Your Digital Excellence Diploma journey is fully customizable according to your needs.

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Choose your ideal combination of digital transformation programs
Digital Excellence Diplioma exam
Develop and submit your personal assignment
Digital Excellence Diploma
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The diploma journey has impacted my mindset and thinking forward. This great combination of topics inspired me to what is possible for my business.

Carsten Scheuba

Global Head HR Services & Solutions

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