Advisory Services


Advisory services are workshops for business leaders and senior managers from all sectors who wish to develop a strategic roadmap for digital business transformation. 


Workshops are customized according to client requirements. Typical objectives may include:

  • Building or testing a digital strategy
  • Envisioning the impact of digital trends on an organization and its industry
  • Exploring how digital tools and technologies can be used to improve competitiveness
  • Building an end-to-end roadmap for digital transformation


  • IMD Lausanne Campus
  • IMD Singapore Campus
  • Paying organization's offices
  • Other venues


1-2 days


Prices may vary according to the level of customization.

Custom Programs

For an even more customized intervention over multiple days, IMD partners with its company-specific program clients through a three-stage program design and delivery process to establish a strong foundation for sustainable, transformational development.

First, we develop a deep understanding of our clients' organization, business goals and program objectives. Second, we co-create the most effective learning process. Third, we deliver the learning experience so that it makes a real difference to the organization and its leaders.

For more detail on custom program solutions, visit our custom program page.