Business Insights for the Digital Age

Our research informs executives how to lead their organizations into the digital era by reimagining their businesses from top to bottom. Through our insights, we offer executives a unique opportunity to shape the business models of tomorrow by exploring the what, why, and how of digital transformation. 


Current Research Topics

Our research team focuses on a combination of output consisting of longer-term academic papers, practicioner-focused reports, and smaller-scale thought leadership on different topics in the digital transformation domain. Our major projects are listed below. 

  • Digital Leadership in Practice; Managing Competing Tensions
  • Corporate Venture Capital
  • A "Hype Index" for Digital Disruption
  • Smart Advisory in Financial Services 
  • Digital Governance
  • Contradisruption: Reframing VUCA as a Strategic Opportunity
  • Industry Platforms for IoT  
  • Leadership Competencies in Disruptive Environments 
  • Cultural Transformation for the Digital Age



Our team will introduce a major thought leadership deliverable approximately once per quarter. We will also issue other, smaller-scale content on a rolling basis. Discover our most recent publications on the page below