Smart City

How “Smart” will your city be in the future? The term is currently used as a catch-all for diverse city-wide development initiatives and concepts. But city leaders, mayors and department officials are starting to see the serious potential for cities large and small in a market that is expected to grow from $390 billion in 2014 to $1.4 trillion by the year 2020 (Mordor Intelligence LLP).

This DBT and Swisscom research takes a broad view across the existing ‘smart city’ project spectrum, citing examples from across the globe and illustrating the breadth of initiatives that fall into the category.

As well as providing a working definition of the term ‘smart city’, the report explores the motivations of stakeholder groups such as city leaders, suppliers and the populations who are affected by such projects and what they may gain from their implementation.

Ultimately, the report lays out a framework for assessing a city’s transformation needs and provides a structured approach to analyzing and implementing smart city projects.