Article | Feb 2020

In surveys and interviews with hundreds of leaders worldwide, we uncovered seven core tensions between the traditional and emerging leadership approaches. Those tensions create significant stress for leaders, as they are often unsure of what competencies, skills, and behaviors to exercise in a particular context. In this article, we describe the tensions, outline the dangers in ignoring them, and suggest coping strategies for balancing the two approaches.

Article | Feb 2020
Studies have shown how Chinese businesses typically respond quickly to crises and with innovative solutions and agility. In a clear demonstration of agility, China’s Huanxi Media Group decided to fundamentally change its distribution approach and turned to an unlikely partner: ByteDance.
Article | Feb 2020
From dazzling to depressed – to departed. Many digital leaders' tenures follow the same pattern. Working with many CDOs over the past five years and hearing CDOs’ stories, a noticeable pattern begins to emerge, with five distinct stages.
Article | Sep 2019

In this digital age, there is much discussion about the need for digital skills. But given the rate of technological development, what stocks of skills and knowledge will remain valuable and how can they be developed? While there is a tendency to focus on technical expertise, our research reveals the need for a much broader and richer set of core portable skills and attitudes. 

Academic | June 2019

Our research illuminates the main reason for such failures: Many corporations struggle to find the balance between traditional venture capital and internal corporate investment. These two investing approaches differ in important ways, from how portfolios are evaluated and managed to how executives are compensated.

Media | August 2019

IMD Professor Michael Wade joins BNN Bloomberg for a look at WeWork's upcoming initial public offering and what underlying issues lie within the company's IPO strategy.

Academic | May 2019

Throughout late 2018 and early 2019, we analyzed the career paths of 508 CDOs, examined more than 1,000 survey responses from CDOs and other digital leaders, and interviewed 42 of them from across 28 countries. Learn more about our findings on the CDO role. 

Report | May 2019

The Digital Vortex 2019 study confirms that all 14 industries have moved closer to the center of the vortex, where the velocity and magnitude of change are highest. The positions of many industries have shifted between 2017 and 2019.

Media | June 2019

On Thursday, Slack will be the latest tech company making its market debut. Unlike other tech IPOs like Uber and Lyft, Slack is going the route of direct listing. Professor Michael Wade of the IMD Business School joined The Final Round to discuss.

Article | June 2019

While research has shown traditionally it has been more profitable for sports organisations to outsource platform activities and decentralise their business to maximise reach and distribution, this leaves sports organisations with little contact with their customer base – which may be a missed opportunity in the changing landscape of the live sports market.

Book | March 2019

With this important new book, Orchestrating Transformation: How to Deliver Winning Performance with a Connected Approach to Change, the team at the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation, an IMD and Cisco initiative, set out a new prescription for getting transformation right.

Article | May 2019

Consumers are already baulking at both the cost of multiple subscription services and the inconvenience of having to keep track of which shows are on which services. The ultimate winner will be the first option that can provide scale and convenience at a reasonable cost. If today’s streaming companies aren’t careful, they will end up on the outside looking in.

Article | March 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI) can transform companies powerfully and boost their performance in groundbreaking ways. The latest publication by the Credit Suisse Research Institute (CSRI), AI & The Future of Work, outlines three significant factors determining the success of an AI course and suggests a winning strategy to tackle these.

Book | October 2017

A book by the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation, an IMD and Cisco initiative IMD professor Mike Wade discusses the findings of research on digital disruption in relation to Japan.

Book | June 2017

"Digital disruption" sounds like another business buzzword - until it happens to your company. Seemingly out of nowhere, startups and other tech-savvy disruptors attack. Your customers bolt for the door and revenues stall. Senior executives ignore the problem, or turn to yesterday's management playbook. In months instead of years, you've gone from market leader to also-ran.