Collaborative Research

The DBT Center makes most of its research freely available. You can download the latest reports and other research output from here.

The DBT Center offers organizations the possibility to become research partners and collaborate on research projects built around key digital transformation topics. Research partners receive privileged access to insights on collaborative research projects.

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Digital technologies can have a significant impact in helping city executives improve the quality of life in urban areas. Swisscom was searching for the right business school partner to develop a Smart City implementation framework. The Global Center for Digital Business Transformation at IMD was the perfect partner. Together, we created a set of practical tools to help executives make their cities smarter through digitization, and published the results. We are now further developing this work for a second publication. Swisscom and IMD have engaged together in an exciting journey to make cities smarter.

Raphael Rollier

Head of Smart City Program, Business Development at Swisscom