Standing Ovation: McLaren Puts Digital Orchestra in Action

This is the fourth in a 4-part series of articles about digital disruption by the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation (DBT Center), a joint initiative of IMD business school and Cisco.

Does the fate of the internet rest with the US?

Debating net neutrality.. 

Le Sort d'Internet dépend-il des États-Unis?

Washington annonce le démantèlement des régles relatives à la neutralité du Net. Une menace?

Michael Wade named in Switzerland's top 100 Digital Shapers

DBT Center Director Michael Wade has been awarded in Switzerland's top 100 Digital Shapers, again. The article is only available in German.

Facebook’s New Video Service Can’t Compete With YouTube

Michael Wade tells Fortune about the activities of the 'Digital Giants' today and gives his take on on consolidation.

Apple and Google Need Their Own Prime Day if They Want to Compete with Amazon. 

It is too early for Amazon to declare victory for its 3rd annual Prime Day, but the signals look good.


Michael Wade: “En seis meses veremos explotar la burbuja tecnológica

Michael Wade, experto en transformación digital del instituto de empresa IMD, no cree que los líderes de las empresas tengan que ser expertos tecnológicos.

IMD and Cisco unveil telepresence technology to connect campuses in Lausanne and Singapore

The Connected Classroom enables high-quality, collaborative interactions between executives thousands of kilometres apart.

It’s Time for a Reality Check on Flying Cars Like Uber’s

Mike Wade on the significant hurdles for flying cars to become mainstream consumer vehicles. . 

It’s time for Apple to buy these tech giants

Mike Wade on how Apple should use its massive wealth strategically. 

How Midmarket B2B Companies Can Go Digital

Michael Wade on how B2B leaders can get ahead of the curve.

Fortune: Why the Business Behind Apple’s Latest iPad Is Like Netflix’s DVD Rentals

Many were quick to jump to the conclusion that Apple has lost its mojo as a disruptive giant, and is suffering from a severe case of innovator’s block.

Mike Wade in Fortune: Snap Inc.’s Future Is About To Get Very Shaky

Despite Snap’s strong performance on the stock market following its IPO last week, serious questions linger about its future. 

IMD and metaBeratung redefine leadership for a digital age

IMD and research partner metaBeratung publish a whitepaper revealing the individual capabilites required for an environment characterized by increasing digital disruption.

Digital Vortex wins muliple awards

Digital Vortex wins the bronze medal in business technology and a silver in networking at the 2017 AXIOM Business Book Awards.

Heller Search Names Digital Vortex in CIO Reading List

The annual compilation of books recommended for IT executives by readers of The Heller Report, included Digital Vortex in its impressive list.  

Digital Vortex named in top 10 digital transformation book recommendations for IT and business leaders

See The Enterprisers Project's most highly-rated and recommended books on digital transformation.