Explorative and disruptive thinking leads SNCF employees to re-imagine their future

Organizational transformation program


A national train company and a railway operator about to merge in an effort to provide reliable services, boost financial performance and regain credibility in a changing world.


Transforming two somehow antagonistic state organizations into one united force capable of embracing the future together, having learned from its past then let go of it. Involving 650 doubtful leaders in the redesign to ensure a shared commitment to succeed.

Custom approach

Engage a large group of managers in rethinking the organization through an inspirational, highly explorative and disruptive approach.


The IMD experience facilitated knowledge development and capacity building within the organization to carry out a major transformation and brought about a complete mindset shift. Several proposals are already being implemented and new initiatives continue to be developed.

Guillaume Pepy

President, SNCF

There is simply no competition for IMD’s orchestration model. Unlike a consulting approach, this event has given us knowledge inside the company to carry out a major transformation.