Personalized online learning brings the IMD experience to ABB employees worldwide

Capability building program


IMD has launched a series of highly-personalized, online-based programs bringing the quality of its top-ranked face-to-face learning to the offices of executives worldwide.


Providing companies, like ABB, with a cost and time effective solution for exposing large numbers of executives to learning about essential business fundamentals.

Custom approach

IMD provided personalized cloud learning based on ABB’s business challenges. These programs are modular and can be combined with in-person teaching for a 100% customized experience.


The award-winning cloud programs give execs with a strong grasp of crucial issues with minimal time away. Coworkers from distant locations connect through learning.

Maija Karhusaari

Senior Vice President ABB, Finland

I was maybe a little bit skeptical on how well an online course could actually engage and inspire, but it did both. There were also a lot of off-line assignments. The program far exceeded my expectations … I appreciated the interactive element designed into the course: the coach … and the changing weekly working groups offered a great network of fellow leaders from different countries, organizations and backgrounds. Exchanging ideas and reflecting on the weekly topics in this kind of environment was great.