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What you learn and create at IMD Business School becomes ingrained deep into your organization. You embed new ways of working and foster an agile organizational culture ready to embrace the future. We allocate time, resources and processes to facilitate and track your implementation progress.

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We chose IMD business school not only because of their top international ranking, but because they elegantly blend leadership practice with academic theory. This mix ensures our leaders have a powerful experience both individually and collectively. The evidence is clear: the program is having a profound and positive influence on the choices our leaders are making in the wide variety of situations that they face every day.

Kim Lafferty

Leading in Context Program Sponsor, Head of People Development | GSK

The program with IMD gives people head space out of the office and a break from the hectic nature of every day. When our people are at IMD and don’t have to think about reporting and politicking, they get their creative juices going…Interest from senior people in the business is critical to get new initiatives moving and the IMD program pushes that.

John Boughton

Director of Mobile Strategy, TUI Group 

I have seen so many leadership programs where there has been no real impact. That is why I started looking for a new method and approach. High Potentials needed to have a window and a real connection to senior managers and the strategy to find new insights and energy. I started thinking of renewal, networking, experience sharing and shadowing from a totally new perspective when the idea of a meeting point and learning together came up! I remember the first process of drawing it – it just seemed so challenging! And yet, I knew that only IMD could make it happen.

Hilkka Alatalo-Korpi

Former Head of Talent Management | Valmet