Leadership development program


Home appliance manufacturer Electrolux sells a wide variety of brand names worldwide, most of which were acquired through mergers and acquisitions. This strategy has been the driving force behind their steady growth over the last few years. Yet, once integrated, each company kept working through their old processes and identifying with their former work culture. For growth to become sustainable and to exploit the full potential of their new resources, Electrolux realized they needed to bring these different segments of the company behind a common vision and develop strong collaboration across sectors and regions.

Electrolux sent their top leaders from across regions and sectors to IMD to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to implement the new strategy across Electrolux and to foster collaboration across sectors, supporting the drive towards a globally integrated Electrolux.


Develop leaders who understand how to mobilize people and execute strategy through their teams. Foster an organizational mindset that is obsessed by the customer, has a passion for innovation, and is focused on getting results. Create commonalities across regions and sectors to rationalize and optimize processes whilst leaving space for local customization.

Custom approach

The New Next Level Leader Program was created to help the company develop people capable of leading both the business and people into an uncertain and changing business environment. Structured around action-learning and highly experiential in its delivery, the program also acts as a booster for individual career development whilst achieving the strategic goals of the company.

Several groups of leaders have already attended the program at IMD which includes an individual project between the two one-week modules where participants get a chance to apply their learning to their own work context with the support of a coach. Module 1 looks at the customer journey, strategy, implementation and finance while module 2 addresses innovation and digitalization.

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