Discovery Event

Discovery Event

Discovery Event

October 16 - 17, 2019
IMD Campus, Lausanne
CLN members only
Corporate Learning Network
Finance for non-finance people

Meetings with finance directors are often awaited with trepidation from people coming from other parts of the business. Differences in “language” (finance speaks a different language), and metrics often confuse even the most senior corporate officers. The objective of this brief event is to allow non-finance people to gain an understanding of what finance is about, to present the jargon, and to clarify the advantages that finance knowledge can bring to the people working in the other part of the business (the finance value proposition). By the end of the event, participants will have a better view of what finance is all about, and will gain some important insights on how to successfully partner with it.


• Define “value” and “value creation“ and the condition to value creation from a finance point of view
• Lead your understanding of the linkages between the Business Model the company is following and the financial performance of the company
• Finally feel comfortable with finance jargon such as Return on Invested Capital (ROIC), Economic Value Added (EVA™), WACC, P/E Ratios and Dividend Yields (amongst others)

Target audience...

• Non-finance executives who would like to have a better grasp of finance
• Human resources and learning/talent management professionals who want to understand finance and how to incorporate a finance topic into a learning program

Karl Schmedders

Professor of Finance



Wednesday October 16, 2019 from 17:00 to Thursday October 17, 2019 16:00 (including dinner and networking lunch)


IMD Campus
Ch. de Bellerive 23
1001 Lausanne, Switzerland

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*This 1.5 day event is reserved for members of IMD's Corporate Learning Network and is credited as part of the organizations’ membership. Travel and accommodation are at participant’s own expense.


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