Business transformation strategy: Partner with experts to boost the success of your business transformation strategy

Business transformation strategy initiatives can be instrumental in boosting a company’s fortunes. In some cases, the success or failure of a business transformation strategy can literally determine whether an organization can survive. When a business transformation strategy is that important, can you afford to leave anything to chance?

One of the top international business schools offers partnerships in executive training that can help a company to develop and successfully implement an effective business transformation strategy. A customized program, developed with expert faculty, can provide your business managers and senior executives with the leadership skills to ensure your company remains innovative and drives new growth.

Getting help on business transformation
The competitive landscape is littered with examples of traditional market-leading businesses that dominated their industry but failed to adapt to technological innovations. Think Kodak, Polaroid, Nokia and Xerox, among a long list of fallen giants.

With disruptive innovative forces emerging at an even faster pace in today’s business environment, the pressure is mounting on companies to play closer attention to strategic leadership development. Business leaders know they have to change the way their organizations operate but they don’t always know how.

Business schools offer relevant executive training on managing business transformation. But to deal with your organization’s particular business transformation challenges you may want to consider the advantages of a customized program.

Tackling your specific challenges
A top-ranked business school that focuses exclusively on executive education collaborates with companies to develop its curriculum, as well as custom programs. World-class faculty at the forefront of thought leadership works with organizations to develop tailored corporate training solutions in areas such as business transformation strategy.

Off-the-shelf leadership skills training programs may only go so far in dealing with your company’s specific challenges. Navigating transitions in a global organization can feel like trying to turn a tanker around — a little too slow given the rapid rate of change. Custom executive education can help you implement business transformation more quickly through business training developed with an intimate understanding of your company.

Finding a way to let good ideas flourish
Large organizations are full of talented people with great ideas, but all too often those ideas don’t get a proper hearing from top managers. The right business management training can empower you to make the structural changes that improve cross-functional communication and allow middle managers to take great ideas forward — and facilitate innovation generally.

A custom program can help you design a new business transformation strategy that deals with these and other issues. How do you get a new product to market? How do you protect your existing business while ensuring the long-term survival of your company in the face of innovative disruptions? By co-creating the program with faculty experts you can decide for yourself the kind of training courses needed to develop the leadership competencies to forge new strategic initiatives and changes in organizational direction.

Comprehensive learning methods
You should expect a customized program from one of the top international business schools to blend an array of different learning tools and approaches: Face-to-face strategy workshops, individual executive coaching, team exercises, action learning, distance learning, discovery expeditions and in-market assignments.

You should agree on a program structure and a way of evaluating your work through leadership assessments and action-learning progress reports. Finally, look to a custom program that puts you, the client, first, with a focus on developing the capabilities you want for the best possible business transformation strategy.


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