Business administration classes: Break through to the next level with business administration classes

Business administration classes are an excellent way to give yourself that critical boost forward into a new career level. Different classes offer the learning that’s right for different people at different stages. To help you maximize your benefits from such classes, IMD, one of the top business schools in the world, offers the following ideas for finding the right business administration classes.

Start with self-exploration

Are you a young manager ready to apply your talent to a first leadership role? Are you a senior executive facing a strategic challenge? Or are you somewhere in between? Depending on where you are in your career, you’ll have specific leadership and management development needs - meaning that people at different stages need different kinds of business administration classes.

Get the most out of your business education by starting with a very clear idea of your goal. Then, ask what skills and knowledge are needed to get there. Pose this question generally: what is essential for success at the level you’re aiming for? Then pose it specifically – and honestly: what are your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to that set of skills?

Do your research

Your self-exploration should give you a starting point to find business administration classes that best address your current needs. As an example, successful mid-career executives aiming to move into general management will likely need to broaden their competencies and sharpen their leadership skills. Solid knowledge of the global trends shaping the future would help too. So such people should look for classes that specifically focus on these areas.

Evaluate your findings

Your research should have turned up a number of business administration classes that address the right target skills. How do you pick from among them? Some things to look at are:

  • 1. A top business school: You’re investing in yourself – make it count. Independent business school rankings help you identify those institutions with the very best programs. IMD, for one, is consistently ranked at the very top, such as first in open programs worldwide (Financial Times, 2012). Behind those rankings is a 100% focus on executive education, which drives IMD’s innovative and effective approach.

  • 2. Real-world learning that’s relevant to you: The best executive education classes offer relevant, customized learning that really sticks. IMD programs provide insightful teaching on current and future business challenges, by renowned professors. They also provide customized, hands-on experiences that solidify your learning. These include one-on-one leadership coaching, projects that directly relate to you or your company, and visits to dynamic markets to gain first-hand experience of issues and opportunities in these exciting places. Such real-world learning provides lasting new skills and deeper insights that will benefit you throughout your career.

  • 3. Flexibility: Realistically, business administration classes need to fit your fast-paced career and life. Think about overall commitment – from start to finish – and the impact on daily life. At IMD, all our classes are designed with you in mind, aiming to help you balance your current job with your future ambition.

  • 4. Immediate value: Building skills and competencies for a future career move is good, but the best business administration classes also enable you to create immediate value for your company and yourself. This can be through a specific company project, the development of a strategy to address your particular business challenge, or individual coaching to strengthen you in the areas where you need it most.

  • 5. Positive recommendations: Take a look at what past participants say - ideally in an independent medium such as social media. It’s also good to look for specific recommendations rather than general statements such as “It was great!”


Participants in IMD programs report such things as:

  • “What you learn really stays with you and has a lasting impact on your performance."
  • “A very inspirational program, which helped me address real-life critical marketing issues."
  • "The value is not only the program itself, but what you learn about yourself as a leader and how to effectively use these insights for the rest of your business and private life."
  • “I now feel better prepared, more motivated and strongly believe I have become a more professional leader.”

Concrete outcomes such as these are exactly what you should expect from top business administration classes.


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