Business school online courses: Getting the most from leadership and management training through a business school online

Business school online courses are quickly growing in popularity. The Internet and IT advances are leading to vast changes in education, and the field of executive education is no exception. Business school online options are expanding, offering leadership and management courses that allow you to gain business management degrees and other qualifications while studying at home in front of a computer.

The online appeal
If you are a busy executive, the prospect of learning from a business school online has a lot of appeal, especially the possibility of being able to study at any time that is convenient, 24/7.Business school online courses allow you to proceed at your own speed, while balancing home and work life.

The best online courses in executive education can provide high-impact management learning. Other cyber offerings though, may prove to be a disappointment. And you will likely find shortcomings with online business schools that deliver all their training through the Internet, including MBA, Executive MBA and other business degree courses. Let's dig a little deeper.

Finding the best online courses
You will quickly discover that not all online courses are created equal. As you might expect, top business schools with a successful track record in executive education offer the most rewarding options through online learning programs that address the needs of companies and their leaders.

There should be more to online learning than simply interacting with a computer program. Look for distance learning programs that are designed to incorporate these kinds of features:

  • Individual assignments
  • Virtual group work
  • Video summaries
  • Personalized feedback from a program coach
  • Ability to exchange with other participants from around the world

Knowing the limits of business online courses
Online learning programs offer significant potential to acquire new knowledge and skills in an efficient and convenient way, allowing business managers to more readily combine studies with work. Short online courses, in particular, can improve your competencies and bring you up to speed on some of the latest management thought.

Still, as wonderful as the technological advances of the Internet are, you risk losing out on a lot by enrolling with business schools that offer degrees in business entirely through digital programs. Even top online MBA programs fall short when compared to programs that include classroom time.

The advantages of spending time on campus
With an exclusively online education you miss out on the advantages of face-to-face contact with peers and expert professors and the unique networking opportunities that this provides. In top Executive MBA and MBA programs you gain fresh perspectives from one-on-one and small group discussions.

The most highly rated MBA and EMBA programs offer opportunities to visit different regions of the world, where you can experience first-hand how leading edge companies operate in the global marketplace. Such programs also give you the kind of personal attention from executive coaching that goes well beyond what you can expect from online courses alone.

Counting on the best from a top-ranked business school
Distance learning programs check a lot of the boxes for executives seeking to advance themselves through leadership and management training without giving up their jobs. The executive education rankings, published regularly by such independent and trustworthy sources as Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek and the Financial Times, can help you narrow the choice.

A top-ranked business school has to constantly innovate and update its programs to remain at the top of the charts. Checking the rankings is a helpful place start if you are seeking management training from a business school online.

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