MBA world ranking: Find out where to receive the executive training to get ahead by checking an MBA world ranking

An MBA world ranking compares the best MBA programs through assessments conducted regularly by independent, unbiased experts. Consulting an MBA world ranking is essential for anyone considering an MBA or Executive MBA program.

With so many MBA programs out there, it's difficult to determine which ones will unlock the greatest value for you. By seeking out programs with a top MBA world ranking you can narrow the choices. But to get a complete picture you should dig deeper to unearth the background of the business schools and other learning institutions delivering the programs.

Who decides who tops the charts?
Highly regarded publications such as the Financial Times and Forbes annually produce global executive education rankings. With their up-to-the-minute coverage of the business world, these reputable sources are well placed to assess who's up and who's down when it comes to MBA world ranking.

The rankings vary in their approach and cover different categories. You can expect an MBA world ranking from one of these publications to rate aspects such as the diversity of faculty, international business placement success and whether programs achieve stated aims.

Find out who's best
An MBA world ranking can help you to pinpoint through a range of different criteria the Master Business Administration programs that are admired internationally. These kinds of executive education rankings also have a strong influence on corporate recruiters deciding which business schools to target for their talent development programs.

But you should view rankings with care to see precisely what it is they are benchmarking. One MBA world ranking can take on a different significance from another, depending on the yardstick being used and what kind of management and leadership training you are seeking.

Look for a track record
Rankings show that the best international business schools work hard to maintain their reputations. It's no accident that a select few business schools top the charts year in, year out.

To consistently score well in an MBA world ranking, learning institutions need to continually update and upgrade their MBA programs to meet the ever-changing needs of business. Pioneers in executive education collaborate closely with companies to ensure that their curriculum provides management and leadership training that is relevant and up to date.

Check the return on investment
One kind of MBA world ranking you should particularly pay attention to measures the return on your educational investment. This is one of the most pragmatic ways to judge the value of an MBA program because it shows how well employers are prepared to compensate graduates.

Such rankings compare the financial success of business managers several years after graduating, while factoring in costs such as tuition fees and foregone pay during the period of study. Top 1-year MBA programs have an advantage because they allow you to gain your credentials while taking less time out from your career.

Check for quality
You will find a number of other quality features in the world's top 10 MBA programs. These typically include:

  • A global perspective, with international faculty and exceptional participants from many countries
  • Hands-on learning experiences with learning that's immediately usable
  • Focus on personal development and self-awareness
  • Leadership coaching and executive coaching
  • Access to cutting-edge management research and the latest world trends

Put all this together and you can see there's lot to be gained from programs with a top MBA world ranking.


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