MBA Switzerland: Discover the advantages of earning an MBA Switzerland

MBA Switzerland? You may well be attracted to the idea of gaining management training in a place known for its fabulous mountain scenery, not to mention its tasty cheese and chocolate or its precision-crafted luxury watches. Switzerland is celebrated for all of this, but it also has a reputation for excellence in education, executive education included.

Earning an MBA Switzerland style is worth considering for international business managers who want to acquire special management and leadership skills to advance their careers. The MBA Switzerland option has some advantages that are obvious, plus others that may be less well known. Let's take a quick overview:

A country known for growing business
Switzerland is in many ways a natural place to pursue leadership and management training. This is a small country but it regularly tops the tables for international competitiveness and has an established reputation for growing world-scale multinational companies.

Swiss names such as Nestlé, ABB and Swatch are corporate powerhouses and household names. The same kind of management theory that went into building these successful companies informs the country's top business schools.

International in outlook
Switzerland's geographical location in the heart of Europe has shaped its outlook. It is a multilingual nation of traders but its tradition of neutrality has made it a center for diplomacy and international organizations.

No surprise then, that its business schools attract an international crowd — and that's especially the case for MBA Switzerland programs. One top-ranked business school in the country educates 8,000 executives from 98 different countries, while its faculty comprises 20 nationalities. As a sign of its global perspective, it offers one of the world's best MBA programs entirely in English, with diverse participants who are required to have international experience and two or more languages.

Switzerland is one of the wealthiest countries in the world and among the most business friendly. One of the Alpine country's leading business schools works closely with companies to generate its corporate training programs and applied research.

By cooperating with employers it develops business management training programs that are relevant to the real needs of executives and the organizations they work for. In a business climate that is fast evolving amid breakneck technological change, you benefit from degrees in business and other executive education programs that are always up to speed — if not ahead of the curve.

High-impact executive education
An ongoing difficulty faced by business executives is setting aside the time for leadership training programs. An MBA Switzerland program allows high-potential business managers to acquire the tools and knowledge to take on greater responsibilities with minimal time out from their careers.

One of the most admired Swiss business schools offers a one year MBA that delivers a high return on your education investment. Through the use of high-impact executive education techniques, you can learn as much as in other two-year programs. But because the program is so highly ranked, you will find yourself on average commanding higher pay after completing the training courses.

Human dimension
One of the Swiss approaches to MBA programs is to emphasize people skills. The programs stress the importance of developing leadership skills through personal development and by learning more about you.

The programs treat business as a team sport where you have to master how to get along with others. And they back up the theory with a lot of professional support – including expert executive coaching — to promote self-awareness.

You see, climbing mountains is a challenge you can take on both literally and figuratively when you study for an MBA Switzerland.


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