MBA marketing: Top value-added of an MBA marketing

MBA marketing specialization programs can help you build the skills you need for strategic marketing leadership. Compared to traditional general management MBAs, MBA marketing programs offer more in-depth focus on B2C/B2B sales and marketing, brand marketing strategy, the competitive landscape, and creating customer value. If you love marketing and branding, this unique MBA degree can be an interesting alternative. Read on to learn more about the value-added of programs in MBA marketing.

MBA marketing: Strategic marketing
Global economic trends and challenges today stem not only from industry competitors but also from new emerging market competition as well as political, social and environmental contexts. To succeed in this competitive landscape, businesses count on highly advanced strategic marketing. MBA marketing programs delve deeply and directly into major strategic marketing concepts and skills:

MBA marketing: Marketing strategy planning
An MBA marketing program provides the opportunity to better understand – and execute – marketing strategy plans. You'll learn to develop plans that:

  • Are driven by clear vision
  • Plainly state objectives, renewal process and evaluation mechanisms
  • Position your brand for success within its right market
  • Encompass a customer analysis marketing plan
  • Leverage the latest tools and techniques
  • Demonstrate financial value

MBA marketing: Creating customer value
What determines your customers' behavior and choices? MBA marketing programs can help you attune yourself to their needs so you position your brand and build a value proposition matched to customer drivers. This is about more than a customer analysis marketing plan. It involves:

MBA marketing: Social media
Social media is invaluable to marketing and branding today – but it must be done right. An MBA marketing program will introduce you to the ins and outs for skilled use of current social media tools for strategic marketing. You should also learn about ways to keep abreast of the constant evolutions in the social media marketing landscape, as well as how to avoid pitfalls. Your MBA marketing program will cover how social media tools can help you:

  • Research your competitive landscape and customer groups using algorithmic tools
  • Maintain relationships with customers and other stakeholders
  • Interact with customers as co-creators of value
  • Create buzz

Your MBA marketing program will also teach you how not to use social media for brand marketing strategy:

  • Do not use social media for prospecting (it is for networking)
  • Do not try to control what customers say
  • Do not talk to or talk down – talk with

MBA marketing: Marketing strategy as an integral part of business strategy:
Finally, an MBA marketing program is also an MBA degree program. Your MBA marketing program will also offer training on all the MBA subjects covered in a traditional program – all the while elucidating the interactivity between marketing and other business strategies. Your MBA subjects can include:

For businesses to remain competitive in a fast-evolving global economy, strong marketing leadership is critical. For this reason, many top business schools are developing MBA degree programs with a marketing specialization. If you are a rising leader with sales, marketing and branding strengths, you can bring distinct added value to your profile with a program in MBA marketing.


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