MBA degree: 5 features of a market-ready MBA degree

An MBA degree can help you master business management for today's fierce global economy. However, in recent years, numerous schools ranging from traditional universities to small operations have jumped on the MBA courses bandwagon. To extract real, long-term value, seek an MBA degree from a top international business school that stays tuned-in to global economic trends. Seek out these 5 features to hone your business acumen, technical competencies and leadership skills with a market-ready MBA degree.

1. Learning-ready, action-ready
It's not just about the program, it's about you. You need to be ready before an MBA degree program can transform you into a high-impact leader in international business management. When you bring to your MBA courses a few years' real-world experience (along with your talent and ambition), you bring your own perspectives and analyses to every MBA subject. Learning gains added dimensions of context and relevance. Moreover, when you study MBA within a class of participants of the same caliber, with diverse international experience, you will learn from them as well. Their perspectives will inform your learning, making it more dynamic and more applicable in diverse market challenges. You'll also push each other to work harder, gaining more from your MBA courses and enhancing the value of your MBA degree.

2. Solid building blocks: business fundamentals
While we says you will gain greater value from your MBA degree if you undertake it with some experience and knowledge already in hand, value-oriented MBAs must nonetheless reinforce the basic building blocks for business management careers. Solid knowledge of MBA subjects like finance, marketing and operations management gives you the foundation to implement successful business strategies.

3. Global perspectives
For a number of years now, the global economy has proven that the only constant is change. You want an MBA degree that prepares you for international business management amidst market volatility, evolving technology, regulatory constraints and newer players from not only the business arena but also social, political and ecological contexts. MBA degree programs give you the opportunity to expand your global perspectives through analysis of global mega-trends and experiential learning. You will further build global leadership skills through teamwork with your international classmates, or hands-on projects in emerging markets.

4. 360° leadership skills training
To meet market demands, your MBA degree must help you hone high-performance leadership skills to drive change and overall excellence in business strategies. To achieve this, these MBAs will challenge you to reach for your leadership skills potential through self-development, leadership principles, leadership exercises and leadership coaching. You should better understand the dynamics of human (and business) interactions. You gain a better feel for your personal leadership style to hone your best strengths for strategic leadership. 360° leadership skills training also means sharpening specific capabilities such as effective negotiation skills and conflict resolution skills.

5. Immediate applicability plus long-term impact
An MBA degree that ensures real value for today's market needs to have you ready to hit the ground running. It requires solid fundamentals and technical competence that's applied to real-world business challenges in diverse industries and geographies. Your MBA degree should also offer you the basis to grow and learn throughout your career. As you study MBA, you gain understanding through practice applying theoretical knowledge to business challenges. Completing the circle, what you learn as you meet each real-world challenge further informs your skill set. In this way, you gain life-long career impact from your MBA degree.


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