MBA 1 year programs: Boost your future with MBA 1 year programs

MBA 1 year programs are a great option for function or business managers looking for a career boost or change. With the management skills and industry knowledge you already have, you do not need to spend as much time on general knowledge as is typically done in 2 year MBAs. MBA 1 year programs will jump right in: honing your leadership skills, and solidifying your knowledge of general management fundamentals, other industries and the global economic trends. You'll emerge equipped to confidently take on new challenges and lead business results. Here are some thoughts on boosting you future with MBA 1 year programs.

General management fundamentals
While you bring a few years' experience and therefore have a certain base of general management fundamentals, it is nonetheless important to ensure this foundation is rock solid. You also need to have firm understanding of how fundamental MBA subjects relate to market needs in various industries and environments. MBA 1 year programs therefore include, for example, intense and to-the-point operations management, finance courses and marketing courses.

Management skills training
To lead successful business strategies, a skilled general manager combines astute decision making with top team alignment. MBA 1 year programs hone your analytical and critical thinking through courses such as business development and business analysis courses. You should learn how to identify opportunities, motivate your team, conduct stakeholder engagement, and use effective negotiation skills for success.

Leadership skills training
Leadership skills development is a priority for MBA 1 year programs at the world's best business schools. In the past number of years, these business schools have leveraged proven newer techniques to help you reach the leader in you. These include MBA courses for leadership assessment, self-awareness and personal leadership training, executive leadership coaching and global leadership development.

Global perspectives
MBA 1 year programs at international business schools train you for the big leagues – that is to say the exciting and complex world of international business management. In today's border-free world, even local companies are affected by the ever-changing global economy. MBA 1 year programs offer MBA courses covering global economic trends, international competitiveness, sustainable business practices, and cultural competencies. MBA 1 year programs should also include practical experiences like international consultancy projects and/or onsite studies in emerging markets. Your global perspectives will also be enhanced through the experiences shared amongst you and your classmates.

The best MBA 1 year programs are found at top international business schools where you study MBA among a select group of stand-out rising leaders from various industries and all corners of the world. During your 12 month MBA, you will benefit enormously by motivating one another, sharing your experiences and integrating these different perspectives. The benefits will however carry on well beyond the MBA 1 year program, as a certain esprit de corps is virtually guaranteed and this group will become your lifelong international network.

Learn to learn
This final benefit of MBA 1 year programs that we'll discuss may surprise you. A top 12 month MBA will integrate learning skills into your MBA courses. This means you learn to learn. Future management and leadership challenges take on a natural learning cycle. You will find yourself able to step back and examine your experiences during and after they happen, so that you better integrate learning to take forth for greater challenges. It this manner, you gain an ongoing boost – right to your highest leadership – from MBA 1 year programs.


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