Master MBA: Unique among Master programs, the Master MBA

A Master MBA is unlike any other Master program. Your reasons for taking it are different, and so will be its impact on your life and career. Key questions are: What do you bring at this stage? Where do you want to go? Most Master programs are designed to boost theoretical knowledge. A Master MBA offers (or should offer) general management and leadership training designed for fast integration into the global economy. If you are targeting a business management career, there are some distinct advantages to the Master MBA.

Better-prepared Master MBA students, better results
When it comes to most Master programs, students right out of undergrad and those returning after some years in the workforce will gain similar outcomes from their studies. In a Master MBA program, students prepared by some international management experience will draw more out of their MBAs. This business manager experience provides an invaluable context, propelling learning from the academic realm to the real world. Moreover, better-prepared Master MBA participants offer one another the chance to share diverse points of view and benchmark against one another, thereby extending the value of their MBA degrees.

Theory is only the baseline in the Master MBA
The purpose of a traditional academic Master program is to grow and deepen theoretical knowledge in a particular discipline. This is true even for programs wherein the thesis element may require practical implementation. “Knowledge for knowledge's sake” has merits, indeed is vital to the individual and to society. By contrast, the Master MBA has been primarily, from its very origins, a practice-oriented program. Of course, with evolution of business practices and changing global economic trends, the exact nature of this has evolved over the years.

To stay relevant to business leadership needs in the global economy, today's highest-quality Master MBA programs base their approach to theory upon academic and client-based research. Yet fundamentals remain the baseline. Master MBA programs take an intense approach to MBA courses such as finance, marketing, business development, strategic leadership and operations management. As they become ingrained, these MBA subjects ensure solid foundations upon which to build applicable leadership and management skills.

Analysis, critical thinking and behavioral intelligence
Alongside those MBA subjects that cover functional skills, a good Master MBA program teaches the technical competence to rapidly assess business situations and devise adequate responses. Business managers who are able to “think on their feet” are actually using a triad of management skills: sound analytics, critical thinking and behavioral intelligence. In a Master MBA, students can become more aware of, and reinforce and practice these skills for real-world application. Faced with a business dilemma, they will be able to assess the issue, analyze the possibilities, and – most important of all – understand and lead the human dynamics at play. Top business managers leverage an awareness of their own motivations and patterns as well as those of their teammates and adversaries.

Leadership development in Master MBA programs
A Master MBA can only transform business managers into global leaders if it takes a hands-on approach to leadership skills development. Business knowledge is simply not enough to make a leader. Self-awareness training and leadership coaching help integrate leadership skills. During leadership exercises, an executive coaching consultant guides participants to become aware of their personal leadership style. They learn to leverage their own best leadership skills rather than trying to copy another's leadership style. Leadership capabilities are of course useful to anyone, but they are simply a must-have for ambitious business managers. This action-oriented leadership training is perhaps the most distinctive feature versus other Master programs. Indeed, if a business management career is your goal, leadership development is the key to equipping yourself with a marketable Master MBA.


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