Best MBA programs: Boost your business competence and leadership skills with one of the best MBA programs

The best MBA programs give high-potential business managers the opportunity to master the fundamentals they need to develop as leaders and to advance their executive careers. The best MBA programs offer leadership skills training while teaching the organizational basics that allow you to tackle business challenges anywhere in the world.

But with so many business schools, universities and other institutions offering Master Business Administration degrees, how do you distinguish the best MBA programs? Let's look at some of the key defining attributes of the best MBA programs and what you need to keep in mind.

Start with the top business schools
This may seem obvious but it bears stating: the top business schools in the world deliver the best MBA programs. Executive education rankings are a good place to start if you want to get a handle on what business schools are highly regarded by independent experts— and employers.

The rankings are regularly published by such respected, independent sources as The Financial Times and Forbes. To stay at the vanguard, leading business schools constantly update their management training programs — including their MBA programs — to meet the evolving business needs.

Another good source for assessing the value of a top-ranked business school is alumni members. Talk to them. Testimonials offer an excellent way to find out if a school's executive programs are up to scratch.

Look for real-world relevance
Among the top-ranked business schools, expect the best training from those that specialize in executive education. These schools work closely with companies to develop leadership training programs that are relevant to the real challenges of the business world.

While academic research is important, theories that have never been applied may have little if any practical use. The latest management thought combined with client-based research will produce executive training courses that are dynamic and transformational. But most importantly, they offer knowledge that you can directly implement.

Seek programs with a global perspective
Globalization is the biggest force shaping business today, pressuring companies to enhance their management teams with a new brand of leadership. International business schools with a global perspective deliver MBA programs that respond to this need.

They have a world-class faculty from different countries at the cutting edge of management thought and world trends. They also attract a diverse group of participants from around the world, fostering intellectual exchanges and stimulating networking opportunities.

Grow your mind
The best MBA programs will provide you with the technical competence to deal with different business challenges that you can put to use in everyday practice. But the best programs will also allow you to build your leadership skills by increasing your self-awareness and boosting your confidence in decision-making.

Dealing with others is a key part of being a business leader. Look for support in your personal and leadership development that combines classroom interactions and psychoanalytical coaching to help you navigate a range of organizational situations.

Gain some experience first
If you are fresh out of university as an undergraduate, you should gain work experience before you jump into an MBA program. In fact, some of the best MBA programs require you to have several years of international business experience under your belt before you apply.

As a mature participant, you will be better prepared to put your new knowledge to use. If you don't have any business experience, MBA training can become an empty academic exercise.That's something to avoid if you are thinking about enrolling in one of the best MBA programs.


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