12 month MBA programs: Jumpstart your career with one of the top 12 month MBA programs

12 month MBA programs promise to give high-potential business managers the credentials they need to advance their careers. The right 12 month MBA programs can offer you the management and leadership training that prepares you to take on greater responsibilities.

The advantage of the 1-year MBA is that the training courses are compressed into a shorter period than in traditional MBA programs. That makes it more challenging. But on the plus side you can gain the leadership skills you need to move up the management ladder — while taking less time off work.

The catch is that not all 12 month MBA programs deliver to the same degree. With an increasing number of business schools and universities offering Master Business Administration courses you have to be selective about finding one that provides the most value for you. Let's examine what you must consider when evaluating the best 12 month MBA programs.

Be prepared
One of the first considerations is whether you are at the right stage of your career to take on an MBA. Although many programs accept undergraduates straight out of university, some of the best MBA programs require you to have notched up several years of business experience, preferably with international exposure.

With this kind of preparation, you will be more ready to apply the new knowledge you acquire to your organization. 12 month MBA programs that enroll a select group of mature individuals with diverse business backgrounds will lead to richer exchanges of ideas and a more comprehensive learning environment.

Ensure it's relevant
If you are investing the time and money for a 1-year MBA, it must be more than just an academic exercise. Some of the top business schools in the world collaborate with companies to develop executive programs that are relevant to the real business world and that change with the times.

An MBA program should go beyond general management theory to ensure that you can practice what you learn. Faculty behind the program should be thought leaders with extensive business experience who are on top of the latest developments and world trends.

Focus on self-awareness and self-development
What sets apart the best MBA programs are those that stress personal and leadership development, in addition to the business fundamentals. Having the technical competence to respond to business challenges is important. But how you deal with others is equally significant. Effective business managers and leaders must be aware of their motivations and behavioral patterns, particularly if these pose a threat to their ability to work with a team.

Look for top MBA programs that enable you to hone your leadership skills through:

  • Classroom interactions that let you experiment outside your comfort zones
  • Intensive work with teams that allows you to see yourself as others see you
  • Executive coaching and psychoanalytical coaching
  • Self-awareness exercises with professional support

Look for a global perspective
Globalization is driving business priorities. So any MBA program worth its salt will have a strong global perspective. Leading international business schools are best placed to deliver executive education that is plugged into the interconnected, cross-border business world.

Expect the best of these business schools to have MBA programs that are international in scope, led by expert faculty from different countries who understand the mechanisms of global business. The best MBA programs will also attract participants of different nationalities, offering valuable new contacts from outside your own country.

These are a few key points to mull over if you are considering one of the 12 month MBA programs.


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