Leadership skills training

Leadership skills training is extremely helpful for ambitious executives looking to improve their performance and bring change to their organization. Being able to learn everything on the job is no longer sufficient in today's high-paced and rapidly changing business setting. High performance leadership demands innovative ways of tackling inter-personal, inter-organizational and broader societal issues. One of the best ways to sharpen your leadership skills is through a leadership development program from a business school that delivers value-added leadership skills training. (...) Read more about Leadership skills training.

Best leadership training

The best leadership training never takes place just by reading a book or watching someone else. Leadership is about:

Practice. Practice. Practice
Your training practice needs to be at all levels. That is to say: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. So the best leadership training is one that gives you practice on all levels as a whole person. This advice comes from the principal of executive leadership programs at one of the best business schools in the world. (...) Read more about Best leadership training.

Developing leadership skills

Developing leadership skills is crucial for any executive wishing to consistently achieve business goals and deliver outstanding results. CEOs and other top executives must not only craft business strategies but also implement them, which requires strong leadership skills. But even at lower levels, project team leaders and functional managers need leadership skills to align and motivate their teams to deliver against the strategic goals set by general management. Engaging with a variety of different external stakeholders - an increasingly important aspect of business today - also requires effective leadership skills. (...) Read more about Developing leadership skills.

Education leadership programs

Education leadership programs from top international business schools provide business managers at all levels with new knowledge and leadership skills to advance their careers. And executive education leadership programs can help organizations ensure they have people with the right competencies who are prepared — at the right time — to take on greater responsibilities. (...) Read more about Education leadership programs.

Executive education leadership

Executive education leadership shown by the best business schools in the world is helping to improve the way global businesses develop top leaders. The schools are driving executive education leadership in response to demands from companies for leadership and management training that is adapted to the times. (...) Read more about Executive education leadership.

Leadership assessment

A leadership assessment is a valuable tool for women executives looking for the insights and self-awareness to make the most of their unique leadership skills and style. Over the past decades, as women have advanced further into executive ranks, we have come to understand that women frequently have a different leadership style than men. And more recently, we've begun to see the benefits of embracing this difference. Yet, personal leadership is harder to understand and leverage when compared to "truisms" we once thought of leadership. To reach that goal, women business leaders will benefit by starting with a leadership assessment. (...) Read more about Leadership assessment.

Leadership program

A leadership program can help managers at all levels to improve their effectiveness at leading individuals and teams - and even entire organizations - to a higher level of performance. Even if you already hold business administration degrees, or have passed a corporate finance course, a leadership program can refresh, broaden and enhance your ability to actively contribute to the success of your firm - be that through steering project groups, implementing corporate processes, driving organizational change, or providing top-level strategic leadership. (...) Read more about Leadership program.

Women business leaders

Women business leaders, despite encouraging statistics on the education and small business fronts, continue to be under-represented in the top echelons of business. More women now earn Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees than men. In MBA programs, things are also looking up: in the prestigious IMD MBA program, 2012 saw a record 28% women participants. Yet only 4% of fortune 500 CEOs are women (Catalyst.org, 2012). (...) Read more about Women business leaders.

Women in leadership

Women in leadership are in many ways not unlike men in leadership. No matter who you are, getting to the top takes a combination of grit, smarts and the power to inspire. Yet research into business and leadership shows the balance of that recipe has some differences along gender lines. Top business management schools now offer leadership courses especially for women business leaders. This is based on the premise that embracing these differences can actually put more -highly skilled - women in leadership. (...) Read more about Women in leadership.

Women managers

Women managers are increasingly demonstrating that they are ready and able to take charge of their careers. Some reasons for optimism when it comes to female leaders include:

(1) Women managers’ aptitude for seizing educational opportunities from undergraduate degrees to graduate degrees to executive education
(2) Women managers’ strong capacity to network, mentor and work collaboratively – to the advantage of all
(3) Women managers’ realistic perspectives on the future.

All in all, we see great possibilities for leveraging strengths, overcoming obstacles and embracing success for women managers. (...) Read more about Women managers.

Women business owners

Women business owners face all the same challenges as any other business owner – yet the breakthrough to top success may come from being unlike any other business owner. Once upon a time, people were told to try to be like well-known leaders if they wanted to become leaders themselves. In particular, women were advised to be more like men. (...) Read more about Women business owners.


Program for women business leaders

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