Leadership assessment

Leadership assessment can help you no matter what stage you are in your executive career. A constructive leadership assessment is a way of letting you know how good your leadership skills really are — and if they are keeping up with the times. An effective leadership assessment will highlight your strengths and flag up areas of weakness that you need to work on.

It can also help you draft a leadership development plan, a blueprint to strategically chart your path as a leader. In top international business schools, leadership assessment tools are an essential part of leadership skills training. (...) Read more about Leadership assessment.


360 assessment

360 assessment gives you objective feedback on the impact you are having on the people around you. As a leader, you are in the "people business." You need to have strong relationships with your people in order for them to drive your business successfully forward. 360 assessment will give you the insight into how strong your current relationships are and what skills you will need to strengthen any problem areas. (...) Read more about 360 assessment.


360 degree appraisal

A 360 degree appraisal gives you the opportunity to observe yourself from different perspectives, including your peers, subordinates and your boss. Research studies confirm that following a 360 degree appraisal, a person's performance tends to improve as the different perspectives are understood and integrated into working behaviors. (...) Read more about 360 degree appraisal.


360 degree assessment tool

A 360 degree assessment tool gives you feedback on your business leadership skills from people around you. Used properly, a 360 degree assessment tool will help you as a leader to remove hurdles that may be blocking your career. A 360 degree assessment tool can even help defuse major conflicts in a management team if it is employed in the right way. (...) Read more about 360 degree assessment tool.


360 degree assessments

With 360 degree assessments you will get a more complete picture of yourself. 360 degree assessments bring you into contact other people's opinions of your leadership performance. You get feedback from a wide range of co-workers, including peers, direct reports, your boss and even customers and other stakeholders. (...) Read more about 360 degree assessments.


Benefits of business school

Benefits of business school? Many organizations and their leaders recognize the benefits of business school. Top international business schools provide invaluable leadership and management training for executives to gain the knowledge they need to become global leaders — to master tough challenges, take on greater responsibilities and succeed in a highly competitive environment. (...) Read more about Benefits of business school.


Career assessment tools

Career assessment tools help you discover the best career path for you so that you can build a better future. Testing different career assessment tools brings you different perspectives of what types of careers you may best be suited to. It is not always obvious to assess yourself accurately. (...) Read more about Career assessment tools.


Career assessments

A career assessment coach recently met with a 39 year-old business manager called Dan. Dan needed help to reach his potential. He was frustrated at work, as he explained:

"I don't think I'm on the right ladder. I'm climbing up this work ladder, but I still don't feel fulfilled. Can you help me make sense of this?" (...) Read more about Career assessments.


Career test

A career test can help survive a career dip. It can help leaders get back on track quickly. A career test gives new insight into your strengths so you can put your focus where it needs to be. (...) Read more about Career test.


Careers test

A careers test offers invaluable direction to business managers starting out, as well as to those with plenty of experience under their belts. The right careers test offered by one of the top business schools allows you to chart new goals by helping you to understand your real strengths and weaknesses. (...) Read more about Careers test.


Executive assessment

Executive assessment tools rate your global leadership skills against those of the competition. Whether you are a high-potential manager or a senior business leader, an executive assessment lets you know where you stand. In an objective, non-judgmental way, it identifies your strengths and gives you a fix on areas where you have room to grow your leadership competencies. (...) Read more about Executive assessment.


Free leadership assessment

Free leadership assessment will help you know your blind spots. Whether you are an emerging leader or chief executive officer, research indicates that on average you will have 3-4 blind spots that could be holding you and your company back. A free leadership assessment is a first step to developing your leadership potential. (...) Read more about Free leadership assessment.


Global leaders

Global leaders know that to succeed globally you must:

Think global. Act local

It's called glocalization. It involves integrating local knowledge without compromising the brand. The challenge for global leaders is then to design a strategy that remains true to the brand but embraces local opportunities to gain competitive advantage in new markets. (...) Read more about Global leaders.


Global leadership development

Global leadership development is a necessity for an organization seeking to assure its long-term success. No question, building a talent pool of executives and structuring a succession planning process for the leadership and management of an international company is an absolute requirement. But getting global leadership development right is easier said than done. (...) Read more about Global leadership development.


Global leadership skills

Global leadership skills training is priority in business today. You need to be able to get into the mindset of different cultures in order to influence business successfully with them. Many companies now earn more revenue from their non-domestic markets, so it's essential for all leaders to receive the right global leadership skills training so that they are equipped for success. (...) Read more about Global leadership skills.


Leader Assessment

A leader assessment test will help you see how effective a leader you are. It will give you the chance to benchmark your current leadership skills against those of other highly-rated leaders. A good leader assessment will give you greater self-awareness so that you can advance more quickly in the direction you want. (...) Read more about Leader Assessment.


Leadership assessment

Leadership assessment can give you an objective idea of your abilities as a business leader no matter what stage you are in your career. An effective leadership assessment lets you — and your organization — know in a constructive way just what kind of leadership skills you have. (...) Read more about Leadership assessment.


Leadership assessment questions

Leadership assessment questions help the interviewer decide if you have got what it takes to lead their business into the future. To get hired in a competitive job market, you need to speak as a leader, an influencer and a visionary. You need the right techniques to answer tough leadership assessment questions. (...) Read more about Leadership assessment questions.


Leadership assessment test

A leadership assessment test will help you see if your ego is holding you back as a leader. An overactive ego is one of the biggest barriers to effective leadership. It blocks teamwork and is a hidden factor in many failed work projects. Why? Because all the focus is directed to satisfying the ego instead of the group vision in hand. (...) Read more about Leadership assessment test.


Leadership assessment tool

A leadership assessment tool will show you whether you have the mindset of a leader. What is this leader mindset? According to latest research, it is having a flexible "growth" mindset as opposed to a "fixed" mindset. This research comes from American psychologist, Dr Carol S. Dweck, in her latest book:(...) Read more about Leadership assessment tool.


Leadership assessment tools

Leadership assessment tools are a surprising source of good news for many women managers and women business leaders. They help women discover strengths and talents they had not acknowledged they had. This is encouraging news for women managers looking to boost their confidence in their performance. (...) Read more about Leadership assessment tools.


Leadership assessment tools free

Leadership assessment tools free of charge will help you evaluate the choices you are making today. Successful leadership does not just happen by chance. Success depends on your personal choices and actions. If you are feeling frustrated in your career or simply want to become aware of new opportunities for personal growth, leadership assessment tools free can provide you with valuable direction. (...) Read more about Leadership assessment tools free.


Leadership assessments

Leadership assessments identify the type of skills you need to get you through the tough times. Top leaders are able to develop a cluster of leadership skills that work for the organization in good times and bad so they are more likely to build long-term profit and job stability for the company. (...) Read more about Leadership assessments.


Leadership competencies

Leadership competencies are crucially important for business managers seeking success for their organization and on a personal level. Developing the right leadership competencies is critical if you want to advance and leverage the maximum possibilities from your executive career. (...) Read more about Leadership competencies.


Leadership development assessment

Leadership development assessment is an important step in your leadership journey. You need to develop a mix of tangible and intangible leadership skills to be able to direct your organization effectively. Leadership development assessment evaluates you in 3 of the following ways so that you identify any gaps you need to fill and become a more effective leader. (...) Read more about Leadership development assessment.


Leadership development assessment tools

Leadership development assessment tools offer a way to help organizations quickly determine what the capabilities of their leaders are and where they should focus their management training efforts. The best leadership development assessment tools can assess the leadership skills of business managers at both the personal and organizational level. (...) Read more about Leadership development assessment tools.


Leadership potential assessment

Leadership potential assessment can get you out of a rut and help you discover new ways to grow your career. Leadership is often described as a journey rather than a destination because studies show that many managers transform into leaders as a result of developing specific behaviors, attitudes and values. Leadership can be learned step by step. (...) Read more about Leadership potential assessment.


Leadership questionnaire

A leadership questionnaire will show you whether you are still a managing rather than leading your team. Of course, if you want to raise your team's performance from ordinary to extraordinary, you need to be leading rather than managing. Business author, Peter Drucker sums up the difference between the two in this way:

"Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things" (...) Read more about Leadership questionnaire.


Leadership self assessment

Leadership self assessment gives you the chance to compare your own current skills with those of high performing leaders. Successful leaders share common leadership skills. Read more about Leadership self assessment.


Leadership skills

Leadership skills are essential for business managers who want to succeed personally and drive success for their organizations. In an uncertain, rapidly evolving business world, leadership skills can determine whether a company flies — or dies. And naturally, the higher up the career ladder you climb, the more important leadership skills become. (...) Read more about Leadership skills.


Leadership skills assessment

Leadership skills assessment helps you discover where you are today as a leader. According to American leadership skills trainer, John Maxwell, there are 5 levels of leadership. To develop your influence as a leader you need to move up through all the 5 levels. (...) Read more about Leadership skills assessment.


Leadership skills assessment tool

A leadership skills assessment tool evaluates your abilities as an executive and highlights specific areas where you can benefit from management training programs. The right leadership skills assessment tool from one of the top international business schools also offers a way for an organization to determine the qualifications of its leaders — from the functional manager right up to the senior executive level. (...) Read more about Leadership skills assessment tool.


Leadership skills list

Leadership skills list? Every business manager can benefit from making a comprehensive leadership skills list. Concisely put, a leadership skills list sets out the key leadership competencies you need to be an effective executive. (...) Read more about Leadership skills list.


Leadership skills test

A leadership skills test is one way to find out how good a business leader you really are. A well-designed leadership skills test from one of the best business schools in the world will let you know what kind of leadership skills you have and whether they are up to date. (...) Read more about Leadership skills test.


Leadership test

A leadership test can put you, as an executive, on the spot. A leadership test can be a briefly defining — and possibly deflating — moment when you find out objectively what the level of your leadership skills is and whether you are staying up to date. (...) Read more about Leadership test.


Management assessment

Management assessment provides an invaluable way for business managers to benchmark their skills and discover how they can keep them at the cutting edge. A management assessment will give you a clearer view of where your strengths lie while highlighting areas that need your attention if you want to take on new challenges and rise in your career. (...) Read more about Management assessment.


Manager assessment test

A manager assessment test can give you an independent evaluation of your management and leadership skills. In a nutshell, a well-designed manager assessment test from one of the good business schools allows you to find out more about yourself and your abilities. (...) Read more about Manager assessment test.


Personal skills assessment

Personal skills assessment will help you identify the skills you need to advance your career from manager to leader. Research shows specific differences in the personal skills of managers and leaders:

- Leaders score much more highly than managers in soft skills especially in the areas of: communication, empathy and trust in relationships at work. (...) Read more about Personal skills assessment.


Qualities of a leader

Qualities of a leader in business vary according to where you are in your career. Leadership skills required for young business managers are obviously different from those of a Chief Executive Officer. But whether you are a junior manager starting out or a seasoned executive, you will benefit from knowing the qualities of a leader that you possess — and those you need to fully realize your potential. (...) Read more about Qualities of a leader.



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