Top business schools — why IMD is one of the world’s top business schools

Top business schools are the best places to get executive education that allows you to reach your full potential. By studying at such a school you can be assured of acquiring the best leadership and management training possible. You can also expect to learn the latest business insights and tools for tackling complex international challenges.

But identifying the top business schools is not always straightforward. How do you know if an institution really merits being grouped with the world’s best? IMD’s reputation as one of the top business schools is backed up, year after year, by rankings, which offer one useful way to separate the best from the rest.

IMD: one of the world’s top business schools
Rankings developed by respected, independent authorities such as Forbes, The Economist and the Financial Times evaluate business schools across the world and the business management education they offer. These publications provide invaluable comparisons about which institutions really excel in what they do.

Their rankings give vital information to individuals and organizations seeking the best management training and leadership development programs. And consistently, IMD business school appears at the top of the pack. For example:

  • First in open programs worldwide (Financial Times 2017)
  • First in executive education outside the US (Financial Times 2017)
  • Number one MBA program worldwide (Forbes, 2011)
  • Number one MBA program outside the US (The Economist, 2011)

Committed to the pursuit of excellence
IMD is not content to rest on its laurels. Indeed, this Swiss-based institution understands business because it is run like a business itself. It is constantly innovating and updating its high-impact executive programs to meet the needs of its clients.

IMD understands that the challenges of today differ from those of yesterday and that the needs of individuals and companies are unique. Its flexible approach to real world, real learning results in high-impact executive education - and its reputation as one of the world’s top business schools.

Three factors that spell out the IMD difference
What makes IMD different? It boils down to three factors:

IMD shares the commitment of its host country, Switzerland, to excellence. But it also offers a unique international experience that goes beyond just paying lip service to globalization and the major forces shaping the future of your company. Intellectually and culturally diverse, IMD attracts 8,000 executives from 98 countries annually and its faculty members come from the world over. In addition to its main campus in Lausanne, it operates in key locations worldwide. And many of its programs take you to international locations to provide a truly global perspective on world markets.

  • 2. 100% focus on real-world executive education

IMD is the world’s only business management school that is 100% focused on corporate executive training. Unbound by the constraints of a university, it is devoted exclusively to developing global leaders - helping executives deal with real-world challenges in an increasingly complex business environment. IMD works with individuals, teams and organizations to resolve real business issues, build capabilities and prepare for the future.

  • 3. Flexible, customized and effective

Finding the time for executive education can be challenging for busy managers. IMD offers a variety of flexible programs that allow you to access the programs you want, when and how you need them. The business school is a pioneer in customized partnership programs and innovative open programs. IMD is committed to helping you quickly, flexibly and effectively.

This helps explain why IMD is without a doubt one of the world’s top business schools.


IMD business school

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