Schools for business administration — How to find the best schools for business administration

Schools for business administration are not hard to find. In a rapidly evolving globalized environment, organizations are facing challenges that are creating a demand for schools for business administration as never before.

And to be sure, there are plenty of schools for business administration responding to this demand. The trick for businesses is to find one that is best suited to developing leadership skills and nurturing top talent. Clearly, not all schools for business administration offer the same level of leadership development programs. But with all those schools for business administration out there, how do you separate the best from the rest?

Let's examine some of the key ways to identify the best schools for business administration:

Check the rankings
One reliable way to quickly narrow your choice among schools for business administration is to check the rankings. Independent, reputable authorities such as The Economist, the Financial Times and Forbes regularly rate the top international business schools and their management training programs. Good business schools establish a track record by constantly innovating and updating their training courses. So you can count on a top-ranked business school that repeatedly appears high in the rankings to deliver the best executive education.

Seek out business administration schools that adapt to the times
With changing times, businesses have different expectations from corporate leadership training. The best schools for business administration collaborate with executives and companies to develop a practical, hands-on curriculum that is relevant and evolves with new developments.

Management theory drafted amid ivory towers generally doesn't generally get you very far in the real business world. But top international business schools that focus exclusively on executive education can offer management training courses that are directly targeted to your needs. The best schools for business administration with a global perspective have a faculty at the cutting edge of research who are also plugged into the latest world trends through direct ties with businesses.

Look for hands-on help
Top managers can benefit from gaining knowledge from business management classes that they can quickly put to use on the job. business classes that offer company-specific assignments offer one way to provide immediate returns from your educational investment.

The best business management schools provide customized executive education that allows you to gain solutions for particular business challenges. They also offer personalized executive business coaching that can help you move to the next level.

Find out about the follow-up
Smart managers realize that learning never stops. Of course, you acquire knowledge on the job. But as you climb the career ladder you can benefit at every stage from management training, as well.

The top-ranked schools for business administration can offer management training programs that accompany you as you progress from junior executive to top leader. You should also look to institutions with a flexible approach that allow you to learn while spending as little time away from the job as possible.

Listen to what past participants say
Another determining factor for good business schools is what kind of participants they attract. The best and the brightest are naturally drawn to institutions where you can reap the best educational returns.

By listening to what past participants have to say you can get a good idea also about the satisfaction rate for executive education programs. Also, keep an eye on what kind of networking opportunities are available. Being able to stay in touch with peers from around the world is an additional bonus for top schools for business administration.


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