Business administration schools: Why IMD is one of the world’s top business administration schools

The best business administration schools offer invaluable ways to nurture leadership and management skills. They promote excellence in all that they do. The world’s top business administration schools are plugged into the real business world and adapt as conditions evolve. They have a global outlook and a diverse faculty to deliver top-notch business management training.

IMD delivers on all these counts. And unlike many business administration schools, it operates like a business itself, employing entrepreneurial initiative. It also understands that innovation is a key to executive education success, just as it is in today’s increasingly complex business world.

IMD: one of the world’s top-ranking business administration schools
Don’t just take our word for it. When it comes to business administration schools independent authorities agree: IMD is at the top. In 2011, Forbes ranked IMD’s MBA number one in the world. In 2012, the Financial Times ranked IMD number one worldwide for open programs. It also judged IMD topin executive education outside the US for the fifth year in a row. For its part, The Economist ranked IMD’s MBA number one in the world outside the US.

IMD isn’t resting on its laurels. Every year our business management programs are rigorously reviewed and updated to meet the ever-evolving demands of our clients - individuals, teams and companies.

Swiss excellence combined with global diversity
IMD is based in Switzerland, a country committed to excellence in everything it does. But IMD also offers a diverse, global approach. Look at the numbers:

  • IMD’s faculty and staff represent 34 different nationalities
  • 120 global companies in 2011 chose IMD for their customized programs
  • Executives from 98 countries come to IMD annually
  • IMD counts 75,000 alumni who are members of 45 clubs around the world

IMD understands the central importance of globalization. The inter-connectedness of the global economy is inescapable. And IMD is well positioned to provide clients with the tools to navigate the globalized corporate landscape.

Real-world business focus
There are no ivory towers at IMD. We are unfettered by the rules and strictures that can hamper universities, with their hierarchies and traditional academic structures. This means we can respond nimbly to a changing environment. IMD is not tied to an agenda dictated from the outside. Our only goal is to deliver the best business management education, 100-percent focused on the real world.

IMD’s professors conduct agenda-setting research. They stay in touch with the latest business trends by collaborating with clients. IMD’s problem-solving education is focused on partnerships with individuals, teams and companies.

Flexible executive management training
IMD delivers innovative business management programs and leadership training courses that meet recognized needs. It understands the realities of the business world. Its tailored programs address executive challenges and provide lessons that can be quickly applied and followed up. The hands-on, practical approach helps explain why more than 8,000 executives come to IMD every year.

IMD also provides effective business education at every level. Whether you are a high-talent individual seeking to rise through the ranks, a seasoned executive or a board member, IMD provides programs adapted to your particular needs and challenges.

All this and more is what makes IMD one of the globe’s top business administration schools.


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