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The best business education gets you results. The best business education programs help you transform from a manager into a company leader. They help you find new ways for your company to thrive during change. They provide the right environment for you to develop leadership skills and generate new ideas so that your company maintains competitive advantage over its rivals.

To get better results, you need to get away from your office environment periodically. The best business education programs give you a welcome fresh perspective.

An external management training programs gives you the opportunity to meet with leaders from other industries. By being exposed to different business areas, you open yourself up to discovering new possibilities for your business. The best business education school will also attract the smartest participants. Ideas get better in this way.

Charles Handy, renowned author and expert on business leadership training, represents the best business education programs by the analogy of:

"The Space Beneath the Stairs"

The space beneath the stairs represents opportunity.

Sadly, most employees can't see the opportunity because they are too busy running up and down the stairs from meeting to meeting. They don't think to stop to look beneath

And yet, according to Handy, this is exactly where they might find the company's next great idea. The best business education programs provide their students with the opportunity to look beneath the stairs.

Handy's image comes from a real piece of concrete art by English artist Rachel Whiteread CBE. Whiteread took an actual cast of a staircase and filled in the empty space beneath with concrete. She wanted people to think about the space they usually ignore.

Although, her message was not specifically created for business schools, this message is taught at the best business education programs:

Running up and down the stairs may keep your business going. Looking beneath the stairs can help you spot a trend that could impact your company's future.

One British business professor, who teaches at one of the top ranked business schools, admits that there is something inherently adventurous about peeping under the stairs. Every kid goes to play in the cupboard beneath the stairs in two-storey homes like in the UK, In JK Rowling's Harry Potter books, Harry spends much of his early years under the stairs too before graduating to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Like Harry Potter, the best business education programs foster a sense of adventure and curiosity. The top ranked business schools help emerging leaders to enjoy the process of innovation and get more comfortable with creativity. Executive education usually takes the form of leadership training workshops, executive coaching programs and post-workshop mentoring.

The workshops tend to be highly interactive. You can discover a lot of business solutions by sharing with your class peers and getting their perspective. Leadership management training programs provide a vital source of new ideas at all levels.

Ultimately every business survives because it gets new ideas that it can translate into products and services. Ideas turn up in unusual places. For Apple cofounder, Steve Jobs, inspiration came after he attended a college calligraphy course. For others, like Charles Handy and JK Rowling, they were inspired by the space beneath the stairs. Inspiration will also come by giving yourself the best business education.


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