Senior leadership training: The real-world value of senior leadership training

Senior leadership training is recognized today as a key contributor to the ongoing leadership of some of the world's top CEOs and senior executives. Senior executive education helps them keep leadership skills and vision sharp, so they can reach beyond individual, business and market challenges. The needs of those at the top are different from other general management executives: they face higher-stakes challenges, and they have a track record and high expectations to live up to. Aware of these special needs, top leadership development institutes aim to provide real-world value with specially-design programs for senior leadership training.

Beyond the top
The most inspiring senior general management leaders do not sit back on their laurels. They do not placidly steer the ship. They see their role as bringing real transformational value to their company. They recognize that, in a fast-evolving global marketplace, what helped them succeed in the past is not necessarily what will serve tomorrow. Senior leadership training helps leaders keep their perspectives fresh, and provides critical, deep insights into the highest levels of the competitive landscape.

  • New business models and players:
  • In senior leadership training, top international business consultants/professors work with senior executives to examine and assess the viability of new business models and players. These insights help top executives innovate and adapt their decision-making and leadership skills.

  • Opportunities:
  • Senior leaders must maintain strong capacity to anticipate change, recognize and leverage opportunities. Senior leadership training explores the changing shape of opportunities in a shifting, volatile market.

  • Challenges:
  • Like opportunities, challenges today take new forms – and meeting them requires astute new moves. Senior leadership training uses executive leadership coaching to help senior executives and CEOs keep their leadership dynamic. A CEO coach helps executives hone their skills in assessing the relevant market strategies, designing game-changing moves and preparing to lead towards greater outcomes.

Reflect and recharge
Senior leadership training provides a rare opportunity for top executives and CEOs to step back, reflect and recharge. Leadership training enables these senior leaders to scrutinize past events, interactions and their own behavior within those situations. This allows them to understand the leadership skills they use most and the ones they may neglect. They gain insights to meet future challenges with innovative strategies rather than simply relying on habits.

Peer group
For managers at all levels, executive education is often seen as an opportunity for extended network building. This may be doubly important for CEOs and top executives, who occupy what is sometimes thought of as a lonely place. Senior leadership training offers the challenge of working alongside a select group of peers in terms of seniority and leadership skills level. Unlike many other situations, this group also represents a broad range of global leadership in terms of industry, nationality, and perspective. Interacting together, new life can be brought to each of their viewpoints.

Driving global business
The best senior leaders aim to continually deliver breakthrough performances and take their organizations to higher success. In a challenging, interconnected global economy, their capacity is important to both internal and external stakeholders. A lot rides on top executives' decisions. Opportunities for executive education that meets their specific high-level needs are rare. However, the best business schools in the world aim to ensure that executive leadership programs deliver true real-world value for global leaders and ultimately the global economy. That necessarily includes taking care of the very top echelons of leadership with senior leadership training.


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