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Negotiation training seminars provide executives and managers with effective negotiation skills for reaching important decisions and finding solutions to disputes. It is not always obvious how disputants can turn negotiations into a "win-win" opportunity that meets the needs and interests of both parties. But it is paramount for business managers to be able to find trade-offs that protect and advance their company's interest. Indeed, negotiation skills training, such as through negotiation training seminars is an essential element of effective leadership skills.

The benefits of negotiations training in today's business world
Every business deal, discussion, acquisition and expansion requires some form of negotiation- not just with external stakeholders, but also with internal people. Today's multicultural world has globalized business and increased the interaction between people from different cultures, putting increased pressure on executives to communicate and negotiate effectively. Negotiation training seminars from international business management schools help executives to understand different cultural sensitivities and find ways to build common ground- an important aspect of effective negotiation skills.

Becoming a powerful negotiator
Becoming a powerful negotiator requires a thorough understanding of both the theoretical and practical applications of negotiation theories. This will allow you to understand the ideas and concepts behind negotiations and the rationale behind decisions taken during negotiations. Secondly, in order to find suitable trade-offs executives need to understand the needs and preferences of the other party, to assess and be able to offer "win-win" opportunities. Thirdly, it is paramount to understand your own needs to increase the likelihood of successful negotiations. These key factors lie at the heart of all good negotiation training seminars.

When these factors, amongst others, are taken into account, executives can create value and "win-win" opportunities. But miscalculations in negotiation processes can prove costly for the involved parties.

Negotiation skills training at IMD business school
IMD business school offers various negotiation training seminars. Negotiation skills training is also a key component of IMD's leadership programs. During negotiations training, you learn how to analyze the key factors that affect negotiators during negotiations, and in some cases even take examples from hostage negotiators. A strong element in all our negotiation skills training is practical training where participants practice the skills they learn in class in real scenarios. Personalized leadership coaching also helps you to build your negotiations and conflict resolution skills.

As one of the top business schools in the world, IMD is the perfect place for high-impact negotiation skills training and negotiation training seminars!


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