Leadership training program: Top 10 features of a great leadership training program

A leadership training program is one of the tools that today’s best managers use to ensure that they are ready to make the leap to each new level of responsibility. Let’s say you’re a successful young manager with a solid base of experience and ambition to spare. Your company faces exciting challenges and you want to launch yourself into the center of the action. This is a perfect time to hone your skills so you can hit the ground running.

A leadership training program can help – but since you want to make it count, you need to know what important learning features will make one leadership program more worthwhile than another. Let’s take a look at the top 10 things you should expect to see from a quality leadership training program.

10.   Only the best participants. A leadership training program that turns young talent into confident leaders focuses on the early-career managers who are smart, driven, talented — they already rise above the crowd and they are ready for more.

9.   Responsible leadership. An important challenge for businesses today is to integrate responsible development into corporate goals. That’s why some of the very best leadership training programs include the chance to gain hands-on experience in how businesses can make a real difference, for example through partnership projects with NGOs.

8.   Real-life projects. When developing their talented managers, businesses want return on investment. It’s only natural. So look for a leadership training program that lets you consolidate your learning with a project that brings immediate value to your organization. When it’s truly relevant to your job, you – and your company – get so much more out of it.

7.   Intense - but flexible. Leadership development is not a light topic. A leadership training program should stretch you, taking you beyond your usual perspectives and boundaries. This will require a big commitment on your part - but the program should also take your work into account. A good program will ideally mix class sessions with distance learning, minimizing your time out of the office while ensuring the highest level of learning and experiences.

6.   Business fundamentals. At this stage of the game, you must ensure you are on solid footing with your knowledge of business fundamentals. It you don’t, it’ll hold you back. A leadership training program should help you deepen your understanding of all functions - finance, innovation, marketing, operations and strategy.

5.   The big picture. It’s not about the small stuff. A career-launching leadership training program needs to prepare you for the global playing field.

4.   Interactive. When you are looking for life-changing professional and personal development, sitting back and listening to someone lecture doesn’t work. You’ve got to get in there and test your mettle. Your leadership program should offer you interactive learning like team projects, in-depth discussion of real-life cases, and high-intensity leadership exercises to challenge you.

3.   Thought-provoking. A well-designed leadership training program doesn’t just tell you about business concepts. It forces you to think about them. It is intense and it gets you out of your comfort zone. It makes you test yourself in real-life scenarios.

2.   Self-aware leadership. What will set you apart in the long run is your knowledge of your own leadership style and your ability to leverage it. You need a leadership training program that will equip you through self-development, leadership principles and leadership coaching to face tomorrow’s leadership challenges.

1.   It never ends. Real leaders never stop learning. The leadership training program should be one step on a life-long journey of career and personal development - linking to other programs at the business school and providing ongoing alumni benefits and learning opportunities.


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