Leadership academy: What is a leadership academy?

A leadership academy can be an excellent boon in terms of business leadership for companies, teams and individuals. The leadership academy may go by a number of names – leadership development institute, leadership training institute, business management school, business administration school… what's important is to find a leadership academy that delivers the goods. Read on to learn about what businesses, teams and individuals can find in a best-in-class leadership academy.

Partnering with a leadership academy: benefits for businesses
A good leadership academy will partner with your company to offer personalized executive programs for leadership team development. The academy can help you work through real-world business issues and prepare for global business strategies as well as specific challenges such as an M&A or your management succession plan. A leadership academy with a global perspective offers a valuable support, complementing your own viewpoint for better knowledge of the international market. For example, leadership academies should be in touch with current global challenges such as emerging markets, political and environmental contexts, and corporate social responsibility. A leadership academy faculty with a strong international reputation, in terms of business consulting and research, offers the added bonus of helping your organization tap into the latest knowledge and innovations.

How leadership academies help teams become more effective
A leadership academy can offer bespoke executive education programs designed for leadership teams. Especially in a large international organization where teams may be dispersed around the world, leadership academy programs help build a common approach and common language. This team cohesion can also be extended by sending new managers to the team's executive program over time. A leadership academy program may also be a launch pad for a strategic venture or to support project change management. In short, a successful partnership with a good leadership academy can be a company's dream team builder.

How leadership academy programs can boost individual leadership skills
A good leadership academy will have expert faculty and innovative executive programs to help you grow your leadership skills to match your growing leadership challenges. Leadership academy programs are designed to help you become more aware of the situational dynamics of business interactions, so you can be more responsive as a leader. In addition to keeping you up to speed on the latest business theory, these leadership academies use hands-on techniques like real-life case studies, leadership exercises, consultancy projects, work exchanges and self-directed projects to conduct in your workplace. Leadership coaching – as part of a leadership program or on a service basis – is another resource offered by leadership academies to help even the most experienced leaders to better tap into and fine-tune their own leadership. A high-level leadership academy will offer a range of leadership development programs for all career levels – in this way, the academy can become your personal executive education partner for life.

Market position and reputation of a leadership academy
Whether you are looking for a leadership academy for the company, for teams, for individuals, or for all three, you will need to do a little research to find a quality institution that's a good fit for you. Nonetheless, you can begin by assessing the market position and reputation of a leadership academy through internationally-recognized sources like the Financial Times, Forbes and The Economist, who publish annual rankings of accredited business schools. Based on criteria like professor research output, diversity, graduate salary and career progress, they select the best leadership academies around the world. There's a good chance that among them, you'll find your future partner leadership academy.


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